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By uglyshoegirl - 08/03/2015 21:49 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I sent a picture to my best friend of the shoes I want to wear to prom. She replied, "Wow those are so unique". I guess she forgot that last week she told me she only uses the word unique when she hates something. FML
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If you like them that's all that matters!


If you like them that's all that matters!

Exactly, op is the person that's going to be wearing the shoes.

thank you for that lol I hate people who use the word that way

they deserve to have s*** thrown in your face

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Please stop.. Before you make it worse..

It would be even worse if she showed up in the same shoes...

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When I went to prom I wore some really cute shoes and apparently the rest of the girls thought they were cute too. Half the shoe room was the same pair of heels and it took ten minutes sending the shoe guy (aka my teacher) running back and forth trying to find mine.

Maybe her taste in shoes is... 'unique.' If you like them, I'm sure you'll look fabulous no matter what she thinks!

That's the worst advice possible.

Don't let others sway you. If you like them, wear it. I'm sure you'll look amazing.

Or terrible. Which is more likely?

We haven't seen the shoes so we can't tell. You're being a debbie downer, you sure you're not the friend from the FML? I have an odd obsession with women's shoes and I see plenty that I don't find appealing, but if the wearer likes them, she should rock 'em.

51 - Most people can't "rock" anything, they need to be careful what they wear.

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Sounds like an unique best friend

My response: Thanks for your very unique opinions buddy. :)

Or she's hinting you to get new shoes