By Sean - 07/09/2013 08:22 - United States - Pleasanton

Today, I found out my kids only remember my birthday because it's the password on the iPad. FML
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Beepbeep7 14

Change your password daily to the current date. You'll get endless cake and presents. Mmm...cake.


Beepbeep7 14

Haha don't feel bad! I could only remember my parents birth month until I was 12

OR maybe, its the password Because they remember? :-)

at least they remember. I always used to get confused about my parents' birthdays. it's not easy for kids

I agree. It's not easy to remember, I wouldn't remember without a calendar. I don't expect them to remember mine either. Especially with 4 other brothers and sisters.

That's a good way to remember you anniversary date!

Sounds like Charlie sheen lol he got married on his 30th bday so he wouldn't forget his anniversary :p

Change your password daily to the current date. You'll get endless cake and presents. Mmm...cake.

Aww that's sad. I always remember my mother's. Then again its Valentine's day so its not that hard.

perdix 29

Ain't technology wonderful? Back in the day, kids would forget your birthday and instead of monopolizing your iPad, they'd be outside, starting fires and tortuting animals.

Kids tend to be pretty egocentric. Them not knowing your exact birth date without a reminder is sadly not out of the norm .

Yep, depending on the age it sounds normal to me. My 11 year old doesn't remember my birthday. She knows what month but that is all. Heck my 18 year old gets confused on the day sometimes but she gets closer than her younger sis. It doesn't bother me though, I know they love me.

I have no problem remember birthdays lol I know most of my families bdays. I used to always have to remind my ex when it was his parents bday lol

Maybe kids are different today but my sister and I never forgot our mother's birthday. My younger brother, however...

To know it was your birthday they would've recognised the combination of numbers... I'd say they remembered it in the first place.

Exactly what I was thinking. They probably don't remember the exact date, and the password may help them. I always forget the day my dad's birthday is on.

Well, you haven't given them an opportunity to remember it any other way...

MzZombicidal 36

You don't really know that, though. They could have just recently gotten the iPad.