By Violet - 19/04/2011 09:50 - Australia

Today, I realised that what I had thought was my dad's default state for the past 17 years is actually his drunken state. FML
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Over the past 17 years you were never able to smell alcohol on his breath?

he must really like the booze


he must really like the booze

if your drunk constantly enough to make someone think that, you need some serious help.

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he number 1ed a number 2? nice

I found this out about my mom recently too...

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Wow your dad is good

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I bet that's what she said

ImaWiseGuy 5

if someones having a default state for 17 years, then there's gotta be some kinda of substance abuse behind it......

3- oyes, especially in bed. 8D.

That's what she said!

he must have drunken until you moved out... someone doesn't love :/ sorry pal

Over the past 17 years you were never able to smell alcohol on his breath?

muchagente 5

of course not, you stupid man. how could she have seen it's not normal when the fml is about her thinking it is normal? i didn't mean to be rude. its an outburst.

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^ hahahaha

TheDrifter 23

Maybe it's that constant exposure thing doc. People don't notice their own home smells because they're always there. Ops father is always drunk, so I guess it's possible she is so used to the smell that she never noticed it until it was gone.

He must just be a bundle of fun at the moment.

"There's that daughter again, pass me that drink."

can't smell vodka :)

lol there's also the fact that OP could have been drunk.....

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that man Is a Hero

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he needs the booze, or else he would probably beat OP for being a shitty daughter. how the fuck could you not know if you live with him? uh maybe all the empty liqour or beer bottles? should have been a strong hint.

16! Cute picture :3

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You can smell vodka. She may not have been able to smell the alcohol if she hasn't been around it and known. I thought this about my dad for years before I realized (substance abuse). Until he got arrested, that is.

is your father charlie sheen?

you're very easily fooled!

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I wish I could be drunk for 17 years lol, can't ever get a hang over if you are always drunk...

Yeah, just that huge one once you take a break.

hahahaha oh boy isn't it great to get to know your family?

That is too bad...feel sorry for you OP.

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what's OP mean ?

old person original poster orange pelican take your pick

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YDI for causing him to drink

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no, halo pwns your soul. unless you don't have one. :(

I dont. therefore, it doesn't.

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You're not a ginger, though.

hotty plays cod? thts odd. haha tht rhymes.

BlackOps is the death of FPSs... but on the plus side, lots of kids are on the multiplayer :D

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Damn. Your father is a gifted actor! I wonder what else he's been hiding.