By Anonymous - 12/11/2010 00:54 - United States

Today, I was outside eating my lunch when an old man pulled his pants down and took a dump on the sidewalk next to me. FML
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you gotta go when you gotta go!

Darko21 5

Old man 1. Anonymous man 0.


I have a hard time believing this, but if it really did happen, that sucks!

Bcaw 0

sorry man, I really had to go

Don't doubt it's validity! You risk getting banned.

you gotta go when you gotta go!

iSitt 0

As you get older, you learn to appreciate the simpler things.

should have scooped his poop... whatever happened to bieng a good boy

MaximilianMarche 0

topping for your sammich op

Today I read an FML of how a guy sat down next to someone eating their lunch, and took a dump. I was eating my breakfast, FML.

Man, I hope I'm this awesome when i get older..

did he then steal your sandwich and run?

where I come from the sidewalk shits on the old man :)

So.....? Be nice and go get him some toilet paper!

the pic before was of the director quentin tarantino...

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PurpleAddict 0

Did you hurl your lunch out?

did you word something awkwardly?

Darko21 5

Old man 1. Anonymous man 0.

chelle_starlight 0

wow...there has been a lot of these fml posts lately...I guess people don't use restrooms anymore...

And when they do, the try taking 'standing dumps' and shit all over the floor.

chelle_starlight 0

^^^ lmao

cdatribe23 0

I woulda done the same thing:D jk;)

do it! no jk

cdatribe23 0

don't push me guys! I just might!!! lol jk

MrDeconstruct 0

Yum, the dookie lunch special.

That has got to be the most used joke on this website.

dynky 3

poor guy. can you imagine what it's like to live on the street with no access to a bathroom?

No access to a bathroom? Where do you live? There's public bathrooms almost everywhere...

ppublic bathrooms! the guys probly old and confused