By Parental Support - 30/8/2013 04:11 - United States - Ellicott City
Today, I found out I was 13th in a graduating class of about 350 students. When I told my mother, without batting an eye, she told me, "Hey, shit floats". FML
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  Metal_Chick  |  15

46- Actually no. When your Shit sinks it usually means you're eating healthy. The Shit that floats contains fat. So if you're Shit floats often then it means your diet probably isn't so good.

By  Cazz91  |  21

Shit also stinks, especially with that attitude. She could have been a little more enthusiastic than that with her reaction. Way to go OP, congratulations!

By  Altar_fml  |  2

If you had Asian parents like me, 13 would be good enough for now - they'll expect a 12 or lower the next year or semester. Also, I am forced to play sports on the varsity level, and play the damn violin.

  Geometric  |  18

Hey #12, like #14 said, it might seem annoying now, but extracurricular activities are what make the difference between being accepted into for example a residential college hall or not, at least in my country. They will benefit you in the future!! :)