By Becky - United Kingdom
Today, my family bet me $20 to wear a Disney Princess hat for the entire day around a theme park. I am 17 years old. We decided to go for lunch in one of the restaurants. After we finished, a woman gave my parents a leaflet on how to cope with disabled children. FML
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  redbluegreen  |  40

I agree actually. She should be slapped. Even if you were disabled, your parents would [should] have learned to cope with it by now, and by having someone give that to them, I would feel, is a huge insult and extremely unnecessary. Having an autistic brother, people say and feel the need to give advice all the time, especially when it's not needed.

  paperfox_fml  |  0

Why is it that people from all over the world manage to understand American FMLs without commenting on their unique slang, culture (haha), and general weirdness, but the moment we get an FML from a different country with slightly different slang, culture, and general weirdness, the Americans rampage in all bewildered and going 'what? you mean there's a world outside our borders? OH MY GOD HEAD IMPLODING ARRRGHHH DO NOT UNDERSTAND'?

And they wonder why the rest of the world believes they collectively have the IQ of a brain damaged gnat.

  lexiBRo  |  0

Being from the US I hear the term leaflet used just as often as pamphlet so I wouldn't make this an 'American's being too ignorant to understand slang from other countries' issue, but rather a people with limited vocabulary problem. =/

  RJB  |  0

STFU There are stupid americans and then theres american who actually know about cultures. I am the culturally rich one. lol. Cant people just realize America isnt the only awesome country on the planet(Britian Being one)?

I am not sure what the waitress was thinking...She might be the same way or have a disabled child.

  withahtrentuh  |  0

First off where do you get the right to say America has a low IQ? There are stupid people EVERYWHERE. Even in britain :o

And I'm pretty cultural but I apologize if others don't study the slang of other nations. I wouldn't count that as my number 1 priority in life. And we do realize there are other countries out there fyi.

So stop being all high and mighty like America is the dumbest country ever.


sooooo what? you won 20 bucks right? that was the point of the bet, you to look stupid and get $20 for it.

also, people who don't know what the word "leaflet" are just typical idiots who need to be shot in the leg.
and im an american myself.


i think she's kind of a bitch too. just because you were wearing a princess hat? and seriously, even if you were disabled, she felt the need to give you a leaflet? why does she assume that you're parents can't cope with it. i can't really word it right to explain what i'm trying to say, but it's annoying that she did that. but...i still got a laugh out of it. :)

btw, mr. culturally's not called britain anymore.


Although this was a funny rant, I have to say if you're allowing a couple stupid Americans to change your view of all of them, then I'm gonna allow one RUDE person like you to change what I think of your nation.


Hey man, relax, what he implied that we are ignorant, but the point he was trying to geta cross was...
Americans think everythings O.K aslong as their the ones doing it, but the second something esle happens that they dont normally do, they have to talk smack about it. They have call it racial profiling.
They have to say, well wtf and curse their mother.
They have to beat the crap outa barney.
They have to steal my pink dress.
Americans..are evil.

This is true in most cases.

  Rallred32  |  20

#71 Okay "culturally rich one" how about you:
A. Spell correctly
B. Use correct grammar
C. Read the FML correctly
Saying that you can do neither, I'm going to assume that you actually have no clue what you're talking about.

  rjrudman  |  0

Apparently everyone in the world lives in the U.S., and thus, no one uses the word leaflet.
GTFO my fmylife.

That being said, it's a huge fake. What kind of waitress keeps these leaflets on hand? And you being 17, I'm sure the parents are well aware of how to cope with it, and don't need some waitress giving them advice.

And why is this an FML? You were dared $20 to make yourself look like an idiot, and you're upset that you ended up looking like one?
GTFO my fmylife as well.

  lexiBRo  |  0

Why do you keep referring to it as "my fmylife" like you own the site ??

And no where in the op does it say the waitress was the woman that handed it to them. It says "a woman". Perhaps this woman is an advocate for special needs children and always carries these pamphlets on her, and what better place than a theme park full of children. Try reading before jumping to the conclusion that it must be fake.

  americayay  |  0

Well not just that, but if OP WERE disabled, the parents would know plenty about having a disabled child. I mean, wouldn't ANYONE with a disabled child be offended by someone's implication that they have no idea what they're doing to the point that a PAMPHLET would help them?

  lexiBRo  |  0

I don't think it implies that they don't know what they are doing at all. A pamphlet on how to cope with something is not necessarily the same as a pamphlet on how to take care of a special needs child. It could be more focused on how the parents can handle their own emotions and stress that comes along with it,

I think the woman was wrong to come to that conclusion solely on his choice of hats, unless op was acting rather immature as well (which I don't doubt).

  I_found_nemo  |  0

1) take your caps lock off.
2) you're = you are. Your = your, as in the possessive. Learn to use those two correctly.
3) There IS a Disneyland in Europe. Euro Disney. It is in Paris which, quite frankly, isn't all that far from the UK. Had you taken the time, you would've learned all about it, rather than spouting off idiotic drivel.
4) I had to read your post 4 times before it made sense. Please, next time, type concisely and stupid-free!

  plexico  |  3

That struck me, too.

If she wore a Disney Princess hat at a Disney park, she'd look just like someone having fun with the theme. If it were at a different park, she'd look like a ret-- , um, mentally-challenged individual.

  Munkee  |  6

I agree with whoever said that OP only said a 'theme park', not Disneyland, but even if it were Disneyland, here's a crazy idea- maybe she was there on vacation. :O

By  dspadres  |  0

So your life is fucked because a woman came to a logical conclusion that probably every other person you walked past that entire day thought?

It doesn't matter that the woman made a wrongful assumption. She at least was trying to be helpful.

By  konstantine_fml  |  0

Personally, I would have cracked up. That's hilarious!
You got $20 and a memory to look back at and laugh about.

Don't be a whiney baby, it's funny.
Learn to laugh at yourself.

Just sayin'.

  Luckster  |  0

Teenagers like a sense of 'maturity' and don't like to wear things associated with children or anything. Actually, I think it's more of a sense of pride...I dunno...I never had that phase. I'm 21 and I'd still go around a theme park wearing a silly hat. Just as long as I'm having fun.

  Puolukka  |  4

Same here...I'm 22 and I would walk around a theme park in a disney princess hat husband would find it hilarious and probably put on a silly hat himself...

But oh wait...apparently that makes us disabled ;P


when i went to disney back in december with my high school marching band, i wore my pirates of the caribbean mickey ears every day, and several other people bought hats and ears and such and wore them. also, me and most of the band are not ashamed to walk around holding stuffed animals either.

By  caancoha  |  0

#6, you do realise that there's an activity that some people do called "travelling", right? Some people like to explore other countries, and experience new things! Maybe you should look into experiencing a boot up the ass and a fist in your mouth.