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Sell them on eBay! You could make a ton!

Didn't you have to enter to win? Why would you enter if you didn't want them? YDI.


Sell them on eBay! You could make a ton!

Yeah, OP could really make a killing with those bath dum tss.....

What's a bath bomb if someone could care to explain to me?

Fizzy scented soap balls? :D

Ah see I'm a guy all I need to look for is shampoo and body wash XD

42 - not conditioner?

We are naturally conditioned

I'm not :S

61- So that's how you maintain those lovely locks!

Not many men I know condition their hair. Especially the ones with the really short hair. Would be a waste of money and time.

99 I'm actually really grateful for that because I use tend to use a lot of conditioner and I make up for what my boyfriend doesn't use. Idk why it is just harder to mix the conditioner in my hair.

Isa_fml 20

I'm a woman, but when I had short hair I didn't usually bother conditioning. Didn't need to, my hair stayed nice and soft with just shampoo.

I condition rinse and repeat. You don't get a Afro as soft as mine without haircare(:

You can always use the kitchen sink.

Give em away

Don't /just/ give them - ding dong ditch people and leave them on random doorsteps!

Didn't you have to enter to win? Why would you enter if you didn't want them? YDI.

there could have been several prizes to win in the competition

Good points. Unfortunately, unless OP comments, we'll never know for sure.

It could have been one of those draws that you're automatically entered in when you purchase something at a store or something along those lines

They could've had a surprise prize.

Why would you want to blow your own bath up? *sarcasm*

Just go out onto the streets and throw them at people saying, "Bombs away!" But seriously OP, I'd just give them away or sell them.

Give as gift to mom or and aunt or someone like that they might appreciate it.

If you're single, write a clever Craig's List ad: "I've acquired a years supply of bath bombs. Looking for friend with bathtub that I could use said bombs in. Also need place to store the bombs. If our friendship blossoms and tub permits it, perhaps we could end up simultaneously enjoying the bath bombs."

That ad might need to be age and gender specific to save OP some mental trauma.

Probably get a visit from the NSA "We heard there was a terrorist selling bombs"

And they smell fantastic!

Bath bombs huh? I bet you can ask your neighbors to borrow their bath. You can make a splash together.

Then why did you enter the competition if you didn't want them?

Give them to one of your friends?