By anonymous - United States - Chagrin Falls
Today, I got a citation from my landlord because my puppy couldn't make it to the grass and peed in the shrubs. Later in the evening, I got a citation that my music was too loud. Until I'd submitted my 30-day notice yesterday, no one ever had a problem with me FML
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  atradr  |  8

Yea OP, just do your best to do absolutely nothing until you're out. Or maybe take note in some way of what you're doing so there is proof if it is needed.

By  MitiMiki  |  16

What's he gonna do, kick you out? I don't know Ohio law, but in California, the only way a landlord can keep your deposit is if he has documented physical damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear. Noise complaints, pets urinating outside, or any other petty complaint is not a valid reason to keep a deposit.

  bretzeller  |  13

The argument is that in many places landlords can't issue citations. A landlord in Ohio (the place in the story) must justify the "citations" in court, or face severe punishment in court.