By takeitandrun - 17/10/2010 23:38 - United States

Today, I discovered that instead of being a harmless way to relax after a rough day, parking in an empty lot apparently means you are either dealing drugs or want to commit suicide. I was detained, my car was searched and I was grilled about my happiness. Great stress relief, eh? FML
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I'm OP, and not Canadian... nearish Denver, CO To be fair, it is a little suspicious and I understand that, but they seemed to already have their mind made up when they came to my window that I was up to something, even after I explained the situation. I have an hour+ commute between home and work and after an awful day at work and in general I needed a few minutes to chill out before making that drive. The lot was empty and out of anyone's way so I parked and was there maybe five minutes before the police pulled up. And to the questions - I did not consent to a search, one of the officers that arrived had a dog and when he took it around the outside of the car it hinted on the passenger side - nothing was in the car but I had a friend in the car the night before that has a medical marijuana card so the dog probably caught that scent. Something that I also explained to the officers. But that was enough to give them probable cause and so they searched my car, finding nothing. That all took probably twenty minutes and then they continued to question me for another twenty or so about if I was going to hurt myself and related things. It was pretty ridiculous, but at least they let me go.

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They cared enough about your mental health to not become a suicide statistic. I don't completely agree about how they went about it, but if it really was someone who was depressed then they might have saved a life instead of ticked someone off. It's not really an excuse to approach you with that attitude, but it sounds like they're just looking about for the public. Hope you found another way to de-stress once you got home OP

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Very suspicious behavior, indeed! The cops were very worried when they found you weren't with some dude or your personal vibrator. And disappointed.


"United States (Colorado)" Probably not.

if you park in my country in an empty lot you would get mugged, raped and killed. you didn't get it so bad OP!

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You must live in Africa. Oh wait, you don't have cars...

#25 - and if you're very lucky, they'll do it in that order!

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I don't get the joke. What is wrong with Canada?

#34, you need a life. Stop hitting on random people on the Internet and then projecting your own thoughts about getting screwed up the butt.

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King is right. That sentence conjugation isn't right either. You can't imply on the paradox of asking is someone understand how you feel because they do not. Not everyone is a lazy as you.

25, well, in my country, you'd get killed, raped and then mugged. :]

and you are doing exactly what you described as being traits of an over controlling unhappy sick loser to him. haha

Canadians may say 'eh', but all the cops in the donut shop say "Ay oh way oh, aaay ooohh waay oh."

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the world isn't what it used to be. not that I would know... but yeah. sorry OP.

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you just threw me off because you said eh but your from the US.

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Very suspicious behavior, indeed! The cops were very worried when they found you weren't with some dude or your personal vibrator. And disappointed.

They can't legally search your car unless you give them permission. If you do not have drugs on you, or are not contemplating suicide, then you are free to go. OP is stupid, They deserve it.

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sue the police department for damaging your emotional well being.

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They still have to have a search warrant unless permission is given.

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It sucks, but you have to admit it seems odd. Next time park down the block from your house, or something less iffy. And empty parking lot seems like you're waiting for your dealer or about to have sex. Since, as Perdix said, you weren't with a guy... The other choice was the most obvious one. That and the huge bags under your eyes and large bills you were carrying in your purse from the deal you made earlier today.

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Maybe you can try reading in a park instead next time. ...Oh, wait, cops will just question you about being a corpse then. Never mind.

5: Lol yeah that sucks OP, maybe a bubble bath would do better hmm?

Remember these words: Officer, I do not consent to a search.

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It's supposed to. But some cops are ******* assholes, and will make your life hell for it.

you relieve stress by parking in an empty parking lot? try a club, less suspicious haha.

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hahahahahahaha breathe hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha breathe hahahahahahaha