By muffins - 09/08/2014 13:50 - United States - Potomac

Today, while working my shift at the grocery store, we ran out of muffins. I'm a little overweight, and I guess that's the reason an irate customer accused me of eating all of them. FML
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dca101 23

People can be so rude these days :/

He's just an asshole.


dca101 23

People can be so rude these days :/

incoherentrmblr 21

"Hey, I know you. McMuffin!!!" - Bum from Superbad.

incoherentrmblr 21

Hope you know the Muffin man, unless you are the Muffin man...

so he's rude because he objects to an unhealthy lifestyle?

That wasn't even funny..

Hopefully she knows me at least, #47


#45 you get here early enough, but always seem to have the worst comments...

incoherentrmblr 21

My comments are hit or miss...

Obviously this one was yet another miss #77

Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Did you shit in your pants? It's ok, shit happens.

He's just an asshole.

Tell him that he's next.

Could have been a female..

So he's an asshole because he objects to a unhealthy lifestyle? Nowadays, people get bashed for calling someone else fat. But it's totally okay for someone to call me skinny, right? It's a shame. People who suffer from obesity are more likely to get heart disease diabetes, etc. It's bad for your health. He obviously wants to have a healthy lifestyle but not if she ate all the muffins.

TheElBurrrito 21

They can still be an asshole, woman or not.

Damn. Some people.

Hahaha. But seriously, are sure you didn't eat them?

Are you sure you didn't steal them? Since we are stereotyping and all...

Stop being racist.

They're not being racist. Calm yourself and go to Starbucks or the Uggs store.

Of course they are, asking if they "Stole" it clearly. That's an inappropriate stereotype.

tony1891 22

drop and give me 20 muffins that is

But, the store ran out of muffins.

Who could blame you? Muffins are great no matter what size you are!

If you eat a lot of them, then it becomes a problem. Muffins have about 300+ calories (depending on the flavor) If you eat too much of them, you'll gain weight.

This is just one of those times that you smile and wish them a lovely day. While licking your lips. Tends to annoy them even more, while also not jeopardizing your job for because of a wanker.

Premeditated sexual harassment, see you in court, friend-o! Unless you live somewhere dry, then I probably don't have a case.

Not sure which one is worst modern day customer service or slavery.

nellbell414 13

Yah... I'm pretty sure slavery is your answer

Yeah because you know, getting yelled at by idiots is far comparable to being beaten, starved, and even killed.... You just made any follow up posts by you irrelevant with your logics.

Ummm people choose to be in customer service. Slavery, is forced and they don't get paid. People in customer service at least get paid and not everyone they deal with are rude.

I guess retail employees aren't being literal when they say "kill me now" or "I'd rather die than work here another second".

I just can't see the difference anymore.

Slavery: little/ no money, physically and mentally beaten, Starved, often killed, no health standards, forced job (I.e. not done by your own will) Service: Chosen Job, payment, rude customers (sometimes), Health and worker protection standards, not physically or mentally beaten. See the differences now?

No I don't, based on what I went through, the only difference is the payment.

sorry OP. What a dick