By Forgetful godmother - 14/03/2019 16:00

Today, I learned that my son’s godmother forgot about the baptism date and booked a family holiday to Italy. Her mother is also on the trip and she is the officiant. I gave them both the date over 6 months ago. Everything is already booked on our side for that date. FML
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Find a new godmother and a new officiant. They don't deserve to be part of your child's special day.


Don't stress too hard. All that shit is make believe.

Find a new godmother and a new officiant. They don't deserve to be part of your child's special day.

Raise the kid atheist — that’ll show ‘em!

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Everything is already booked? How elaborate are baptisms these days where it involves more than one location — a church — to “book?”

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That really sucks man. That's a real FML

This is my FML ! Can't believe this got published ! A bit more info : It is a civilian baptism ( you can do this in France, where I live) and the godmother in question is quite forgetful. She is one of my best friends held my hand as I was going through IVF and there is no way I'm changing godmothers. Her mum is elected at the mayor office and we get along politically ( trying to find another officiant would be a nightmare). On top of this, they both are like family. Everything was booked on our side because we have friends and Familly coming from all around Europe ( including the godmother in question coming from Switzerland and the father who lives in Germany) ) and a we had booked an hotel to host them ( those who don't have family nearby) and the restaurant ( thankfully we were able to change the date and no one had booked their flights yet) We are quite an international group and I was planning on making the celebration exactly a year after the IVF procedure. I'll have to pick another date, but not easy to find one that fit everyone since everyone keeps on travelling in my group of friends and family, or work related issues. I will probably laugh about this later but I was quite upset when I learned about it ( plus I was overdue at the time, stressed that my partner would not be here for the birth).