By suuoerwholock - 15/08/2015 02:50 - United States

Today, I went to the mall and was persistently asked to try one of the curling irons at a kiosk. I don't like to use heat on my hair, but I reluctantly agreed. The iron burned off a good chunk of hair from the back of my head. FML
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OP here. This had actually happened a few months ago so my hair is grown out to the point where it's not really that noticeable now. I have roughly 3 feet of hair and I am asked almost every single time I walk by any kiosk that has to do with hair to try out their product. To the people saying that I shouldn't have "caved in"-- I had already walked past this kiosk 3 or 4 times and didn't see any harm in a couple of curls.

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Isn't it ironic?

I hate those people in malls that shove things down your throat.... I get its your job but come on if I say no I'm not gonna change my mind.


Isn't it ironic?

Dont'cha think?

A little too ironic.

and, yeah, I really do think.

It's like pain, on my shopping day. Half my hair, on the floor it lays.

You know what your body does and does not want. However, I know how pushy those kiosk people tend to be. At least your hair will grow back! c:

More like IRONic

No need for the caps. We get it..

ambersayshii123 17

To be honest I did need the caps lol. I didn't get it until I read this comment.

I hate those people in malls that shove things down your throat.... I get its your job but come on if I say no I'm not gonna change my mind.

You may not change your mind, but OP sure did. It works on people or they wouldn't bother doing it.

Like perfume sellers. They always spray that shit on your face before even finishing the phrase. "Bijon for *sschh* men?"

You just have to be equally persistent at telling them to **** off

The only time we have ever bought something from those people was when they weren't shoving it in our face. Although, then again it was for Splat Balls and it was my 6 year old neice who wanted one

I'm a little upset that no one got my double reference. Sigh.

#48, Friends?! :D

Rectov 10

But he did though

ProximityToDeath 20

If someone did that to my hair, they would be dead in ten seconds flat.

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Should have said no

I smell a lawsuit. and burnt hair.

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She cannot file a lawsuit because she consented, albeit after several denials. Once she gave consent, it's all over.

*buzzer* WRONG! unless they notified them of the safety hazards a lawsuit is absolutly an option!

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Yikes, next time you shouldn't cave in like that

Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong, will end up going wrong. :-) Maybe since your hair isn't used to the heat, it was more vulnerable and they had the curler set too hot? Sorry OP.

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If I were you, I would INSIST, they give me a curling iron for free.

Why? So OP can burn another chunk of her hair off?

YourOpinionSucks 22

Never said OP had to use it, just get something I'm return for the damaged hair. Could sell it, gift it, actually learn how to use it. Fuck, use it as a ***** for all I care, just make them pay for what they've done.

anything's a ***** if you're brave enough.

Some dumbass I went to highschool with did just this. It was plugged in and hot. She was hospitalized. Everyone found out about it from her "friend" and the poor girl was called Irons for the next four years.

Frillwee95 12

You would think highschool kids could come up with a better name than "irons"....