By TalkDirtyToMe - 10/10/2014 19:33 - New Zealand

Today, I finally worked up the nerve to talk dirty to my boyfriend, after he promised not to laugh at me. All seemed well, until I heard laughter. It wasn't him, though; it was his family listening from the other room. FML
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Why would u have sex if his family is in the room next to you?


stellamahone 4

lol OP did you say: "who's your mommy?"*Jennifer Tilly voice*

Why would u have sex if his family is in the room next to you?

I think talking dirty to each other in the absence of sex might count as foreplay

Kirbyzx 16

Whyd you talk dirty enough to laugh about with his family so close by?

RussRuss 7

I'm not sure if this is terribly worded or you just don't know what's going on

Oh man, and to think you're going to have to face them later after they've heard that..

ElementaryEdGuy 18

NOT if she goes through the window and never shows up again.

if I heard someone in an adjacent room talking dirty, I think I would laugh as well

Yeah I though the beautiful cervix fml was awkward until I read this one. How do you sit at the dinner table now ?

I can see it now . "Son does your girlfriend want to use the bathroom to wash up before dinner?" "Why dad?" "Cause we heard how dirty you were!

You couldnt wait until you had a bit more privacy?

Sorry OP. It will be a great story to tell at your wedding some day.