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  Today, I had to collect my daughter from the hospital. Her boyfriend was even more upset than she was, because his iPhone's screen was damaged beyond repair when the doctor pulled it out of my daughter's vagina. FML
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  evig_fml  |  16

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  FEZ16  |  3

77 actually ur wrong it doesn't matter the size.vaginas are ment to stretch that's why babies come out . So u can put a phone there because babies are way bigger so I'm sure phones fit down there

  Ameel_fml  |  19

If people can do things like double-fisting and having sex with horses, I wouldn't be surprised if there are those who can fit an iPhone up their hole. It almost seems tame by comparison. D;

  kerrwoof  |  13

113, I know that it stretches I've experienced it firsthand when having my child. They're more meant to stretch while something comes out, not shoved in. I don't understand why someone would want to put themself through such pain and torment. I can't see the pleasure at all.

  xiiijinx  |  5

.....70?.... I hate to break it to you, but say this site is half guys, half girls. That means its physically impossible for it to be 60%. Maybe you meant 30%?

  Fireflight6  |  9

Yeah, but when your vagina is stretching out it hurts like a motherfucker. I have to imagine that it hurts pretty bad to shove an iPhone up your pussy. Like, I'm a girl and I don't think I can do that.

  ripresno  |  10

Wait a minute, you're saying that because kids can be horny they do stupid things, when pretty much the only things a kid can do to stop from being so horny is to masturbate. So by default you, my friend, are saying that masturbation is stupid. And boy do I love that form of logical thinking! :]

  bacon_strip96  |  0

But what if you don't have condoms and your parents are Mormon and you can't do anything??? XD I'm not I'm just speaking hypothetically. I'm a teenager and I have found different ways than my phone to masturbate.

  annalily5  |  28

Never been into a Spencer's, have you? Any age can go in, and they sell sex toys.
And for being a teenager and broke comment: If you can afford to stick an Iphone up your vagina, you can afford any of the numerous phallus shaped produce.

  monkeywrench1  |  10

For those who saying how can they afford an iPhone but not a vibrator; kids these days don't buy their own phones, parents buy it to them. Now would you ask your mom or dad for a vibrator when you were 16?
Now think about it. Just let it sink in for a minute.

  little_one  |  20

The iPhone is big enough without a massive water proof case on. How the fuck did they manage to shove it completely in? I guess in the words of Larry David Big Vagina!

By  Skittles_Rawr  |  8

She sure can pick em..

  challan  |  19

Not just because of the mom... Can you imagine the shards of shattered glass? I broke my iPhone glass and it went in thousands of pieces. Ouchy Ouchy poor vajayjay.

  Red_Forman  |  0

Hey, coll your fucking jets, when I made that comment I could not undetstand what OP was saying. Since then, the mods changed it. So don't go around calling people dumbasses, dumbass.