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Today, I've now received my 73rd email in two days about my masters group project on policy recommendations for security reform. One group member has helpfully rewritten everything, and our project is now titled "Zeus's Earthly Kingdom." It's due today. FML
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flamerocker 9

Am I the only one that doesn't understand this one?

Probably not. Also, someone must have a previous version, right?

Wait what... OP y u no explain easier???

flamerocker 9

4 Tell me about it! When I was in grade 10 we were working with zinc and hydrochloric acid. We were told only to put in 4 grams of zinc because it's extremely reactive and explosive when the two interact with eachother. My stupid partner dumped the whole damn bottle of zinc in the acid. Everyone had to evacuate the lab and I got an F. Ah good times. -_-

21-I'm surprised you still remember the ratio. I have long since forgotten what took place in those dreaded Chem labs in high school

23 Yeah, chem labs were forged by lucifer himself!

Yeah! My hubby's 54 years old, he's going to college with a bunch of younger people! Everytime they have a group project, he ends up doing all the work!!!

32 So he's like Pearce from community? That's awesome!

Andr913 13

OP's username FTW. Group projects are horrible.

I hate group projects..especially when I'm doing most of the work. Like right now, I have one on poetry :(

@32 LOL That was my life at 30 too. I had to carry "super smart" foreign kids in my projects for 4 years. On the plus side - I totally got rid of my notion that Asians are naturally smart.

Maybe it's good titles can be deceiving

flockz 19

no one ***** with zeus, or his kingdom.

flockz 19

are you giving me shit about my picture?

Hahaha, I didn't even notice it was holding shit till I read your comment.

Murder!!! Kill the group member who changed everything then say you must attend the funeral. Use that time to redo it.

even if OP did that, he still would have other group members who will have to go to school, unless even his whole group will attend the "funeral"

Why did you put funeral in quotes.....if he killed him he would be dead so there would be a funeral. That's not the proper use of quotation marks.

I just do the work myself! I don't want to get a bad grade because the other person did a bad job.

seriously. group projects give you 2 options. 1) do it yourself 2) slack off, get a good mark thanks to someone else. I HATE the concept. if professors are so smart, why haven't they gotten rid of that BS?

conniejoy529 10

i think there is a third option there, slack off and get a bad grade because someone else did the work, but did it poorly. But seriously there are all kinds of things that could go wrong with a group project even if you do take it seriously and do your share. For instance, someone gets sick, someone decides to ignore everyone else's wishes and do their own thing, someone contributes nothing. I have my own person group project horror story. It was only a presentation of a book, 4 group members, 3 chapters each. We didn't have a lot of time so It seemed easier to not have everyone try to read the whole book, so we agreed to just read our own chapters and take turns presenting them in order. But two of the group members somehow did the same 3 chapters, which left 25% of the book uncovered. Luckily it was a large class so the professor did not attempt to read the book we presented, so we were able to fake our way through it. But it was really scary for a while there (it was my senior year of college and I needed that course to graduate, so I was pretty stressed).

LunaDragon 10

Perhaps Op should should ask Athena for some guidance.

Group projects make me hate school, and people, actually

OH MY GOD I know right! My group project members always make things messy or something, or leave all the work to me...

Me too. I thought there would be no more group projects once I reached university, but nope. I failed two of my classes in my first year due to lazy group members and people claiming they had done their work when they really hadn't. It sucks when people's future careers are being decided on stupid things like group projects. :(

dmblonde 13

Same here. I'm always the one who does all the work because I don't want to fail. I hate people haha.

In my opinion I don't understand how a group project shows your understanding of a certain subject and application also how come when I want to work with a partner I can't but when I don't they crowd me with 3 extra people who don't contribute