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You should always double check those types of things instead of taking (even your mom's!) word for it!!

You gave them your mother's mobile number?


My mom would have done the same thing....smh. Better luck next time (:

You shud have paid more attention to your mum then

Even if I paid more attention, she would have given me the wrong info

Yeah i l know but if u paid attention u wud have known the right info.

No.... The mum GAVE the wrong info!

Lol, 3 is a hilarious troll. I hope this one stays.

In Soviet Russia, Walmart is in subway.

Quit Stalin and get a job.

If I'm Russian, then why you Stalin?

^ha it's funny cause they're Russian!

Man our walmarts in Saskatchewan only have mcdonalds! I want subway in ours:)

YDI. Should've double checked the voicemail yourself ahead of time. Never assume someone else will be able to relay the message correctly, especially when it's that important to you.

Maybe you should listen to your voicemail's more often!! Well lesson learned

It was the OP's mothers cell phone. Maybe you should read the FML before you post. The OP is probably in High School and doesn't have and can't afford a cell phone. Which may be why they want to get a job. OP, trying going back to Subway. Dress fresh.

#2 shut up. I dont think you listen to your voicemail neither.

#38, so are you for using 'your' instead of 'you're'

What was that about my smart?

Well excuse me for reading the post wrong, but some of you guys were being bitchy!

You should always double check those types of things instead of taking (even your mom's!) word for it!!

Yea true true. Don't take your mommas word all the time

Making sandwiches...isn't that a woman's job?

You gave them your mother's mobile number?

well didn't you know the best employees are those who have their mom relay the information, and get a ride from their mom? lol

Maybe, if he's broke from being jobless, he doesn't have the money to pay for a cellphone. Which would be a completely legitimate and acceptable reason as to why he uses his mothers cell phone.

It's always better to give a cellphone number , because most likely you won't be home that often these days. What OP did was smart. There was a lack of communication in this FML

Errr. A home phone?

Who had a land line these days?

Try searching for a job for over a year. And why did you give them your mothers mobile number? Why not a home phone, or your own cell? Good luck though

A very large percentage of households don't have home phones anymore. And if he's looking for a job, he's probably broke, and very likely can't afford a phone of his own.

Some people can't afford the convenience of a cell phone

Your mom has alot to remember and think of, she can't remember everything right all the time :(, you should probably listen to the voice-mail next time to make sure. Good luck finding another job ;)

Mom's too busy looking that blast in the alley behind Walmart.

Okay why do they have your mothers number and not yours? You don't have a phone? And my mom probably would have done that to me too.

He's probably broke from not having a job which would be the reason he doesn't have a phone and has to use his mothers phone.

Did you ever read the comments that previous people posted? It's annoying reading the same shit over and over again.

Well she got the Walmart part right.

True. I'd be surprised if my mom even got that part right

The voice mail must've been really unclear if you didn't hear the "subway"

The subway is inside of the walmart