By gemma - 11/09/2012 16:56 - United Kingdom - Belfast

Today, I figured out how serious my weight problem really is when my boyfriend had to lift a fat roll before he could enter me. FML
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I'd suggest you go run a lap... Or 10... Thousand...

that is a visual I could have lived without ...


Hmmm try working out with your bf :)

I think that's exactly what they were already doing.

lol at the elliptical ad on the right-hand side (at least on my computer).

Eww she had a fupa... (fat upper private area)

86: More like "overgunt"--it's even worse than a normal gunt.

Do it doggy style, gravity will move it out of the way for him!

Ok I'm pretty over-weight myself but at least my man doesn't have to move my fat out of the way.

This is one of the fmls where your life sucks because you deserve it.

140- no1currs

You're lucky your bf still wants you and has sex with you OP. He must care about you and think you're beautiful either way. Think of it as ambition to kick the Twinkies and work out. *Om nom nom*.. *Eats twinkies*

183- is your profile picture OP?

Stop giving that fat bitch free samples!

FilleNoir 21

183 so you're basically saying because she's on the heavy side, she is lucky to have a bf? I don't get how people liked your comment. Just because she's heavy doesn't make her 'ugly' . Smh

kittykat1501 31

208 that's mean! It's a pic of 183

I'd suggest you go run a lap... Or 10... Thousand...

Petepoop 6

That's physically Impossible. Fake

LiterOfCola 16

No, actually running ten thousand laps is not physically impossible. If you ran 3 laps a day, .75 miles, you'd be well over a thousand in a year. So it'd take about 8-9 years of that to achieve 10,000.

Also this lap could be tiny...

Petepoop is known for his stupidity.

therealafroninga 10

Hey, if you ain't 280, you ain't a lady. The average woman is around 180 pounds; therefore, a 720 pound woman is four times the woman(;

127 - No, just four times more likely to have a horrible heart attack.

It's like having sex with a super sized twinky

PYLrulz 17

64 - Not only that, but also figure in once one gets into better shape, they might be inclined to run more laps per day. The number can be cut down even further.

LiterOfCola 16

Is the average lady really 180? That seems like a lot... That's maybe what I'd think an average man is

AllThingsBright_ 11

188- it depends on the height of the lady you are speaking about. But it also depends on the person. A 5'8 woman's healthy weight could be 150 while someone else's could be 168.

therealafroninga 10

Like think of all the extremely fat women in the us, raising the average a lil bit higher.

MolesterStallone 13

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Seriously? So now overweight people should feel lucky to be loved? Uncalled for.

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MolesterStallone 13

Never said they can't be loved...

#6, it is possible to love someone and still think they're fat.

aruam365 24

6- That wasn't what they were saying, however the vast majority of people aren't sexually attracted to someone who's overweight to that extent. I was overweight, I've lost 50 lbs and am in the best shape of my adult life, now I look good and feel good about myself. Moral of the story? Most people can help being overweight, they just aren't doing anything about it. It's very sad when people let it become a problem to the extent that it effects their health and love life.

25: OP isn't fat, she's morbidly obese!

Wishez 12

6- everyone should feel lucky to be loved, fat or slim

The poor girl obviously feels bad enough about if she's posting an FML, and all you guys can do is make fun of her? I'd like to see how many of youcommentig on this weigh 20 stone and are currently halfway through a supersize big mac. Hurting other people won't make you any better.

I agree completely! Not everyone can control it with exercise either, and not everyone has time in the day to exercise.

75 - if OP posted a story about her being fat and expected everyone to shower her with compliments and sympathy, she's extremely naïve.

gummy_bears1492 0

#6 Obviously, she isn't just "overweight" if her boyfriend has to lift up a fat roll to find her ******...

Lolll wow. This is sooo wrong, but I died when I read this comment. Lol

Well 75, she doesn't feel bad enough about it to go do something, so I'm not going to feel bad for her. If your fat, instead of looking for sympathy on the Internet, got do something about it.

Well 75, she doesn't feel bad enough about it to actually go and do something about it, so why should I feel bad for her. Instead of looking for sympathy on the Internet, OP should go do something about it.

In my opinion, people like that are called chubby chasers.

No, being fat is immoral, get off the couch and work out.

136 - I would look up the definition of immoral if I were you.

Actually, 90, that's not entirely true. A friend of mine has one of those strange body types where only her belly is bigger. She is 5'8 and weighs somewhere between 180-190. She is definitely "overweight" but she is not classified as obese. (I've never seen her naked, but based on how she looks with clothes on, I'd guess you'd have to move stuff around to get at her lower regions.)

Thank you! I don't think she understands what that word means.

gmc_blossom 21

If all fat people will be loved, and the OP is a fat girl, then we can definitely conclude that... She will be loved.

gummy_bears1492 0

#146-I see where you're coming from, although I'm pretty sure your friend's boyfriend doesn't have to lift up her fat to screw her.

McNerdyNerd 8

I'm sorry, I may be missing something, but you can love someone and not have sex with they weren't saying she was lucky to have someone love her, just lucky someone would have sex with her. Which I still think is shallow and untrue..but just clearing it up. :) carry on

If he had to move it to use it I doubt that he had to chase her very far.

Bit late on this but 75 I'd feel sorry for her if her fml was something like "Today after losing weight to be a healthy weight, my boyfriend still had to move my excess skin FML." Or she has had kids which she may have not for me to assume either way. I work out everyday and eat healthy so when I work hard to be healthy why should I feel bad for someone who most likely has a unhealthy lifestyle.

stewpididiot 11

A supersize big Mac & a DIET Coke !

I actually think that you guys don't no shit because my mum and stepdad are really big and they can't help they have been on every diet or binge they exercise all the time so please shut up

136- Being fat is immoral? Wrong. Judging people is immoral, so really maybe you should pull your head out of your asshole and become a better person.

80 - obvious tub-o-goo is obvious. Hit the tread! Now that I think about it, maybe her bf had to lift up one of HIS fat rolls...

You just say that cause daddy's money

that is a visual I could have lived without ...

I imagine not only the visual but the sound the fat roll makes when lifted

U just made it about ten times worse

Praisethelawd 0

Lol!! I can't even imagine

4 is right thanks OP :( :L

I am sure the Smell of belly cheese was not too pleasant either...

wildsweetchild 19

4- completely agree...I'm way too visual, so hopefully won't have any nightmares concerning it. OP those things don't appear probably it just took you awhile to realize how fat of an issue it is..though on the bright side, now you know and this incident might become a good motivation to get the workout going.

witchdoctor1 9

That just tuned me off dairy

kittytub 12

still haven't learned to not eat food when reading fmls. blearghhh

PYLrulz 17

Well, with visuals and such mentioned, a visual entered my head... Looks like I'm not fapping tonight -_-

elizacandle 29

you're on FML, Deal with it.

paijus 0

Doesn't matter had sex?

LMFAOwned 9

You haven't been on FML long, have you?

Boygenius50 8

10/10 this reference is still hilarious every time.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

No it's not.

Hilarious. Every time.

yeah. hilarious. •__• see I'm laughing so hard

#55, #72, I don't think your sarcasm is very effective. #29, I only hope you were attempting some sarcasm in that comment, or god bless your soul.

klovemachine 24

5 = funny! That phrase never gets old :D

99- you're not cool & 117- it just did

ozone9914 2

Dumb asses not everyone laughs at the same sh!t sone people laugh to stupid things BUT THEY JUST CANT HELP IT

Stupid saying. Stop saying it

AllThingsBright_ 11

Thank you, 99, for being the volunteer Sarcasm Police. Please leave your badge and exit the FML facility. Your help is no longer needed.

Sometimes it's funny and appropriate and sometimes it isn't. This is one of those "isn't" times.

klovemachine 24

No 134 just no :)

I hope changed position to on top OP to work those quads and burn some fat.

8 - The next FML would be "Today while having sex with my overweight GF, she crushed me. FML"

Haha true...I have seen the error in my ways

That's actually good advice. I swear sex made me get back into shape. Getting on top and using your muscles is an awesome work out. I used allot of the exercises you can do with baby as well as cleaned allot but I was at my pre pregnancy weight by the time my baby was three months.

61: as much as I'm happy that you're sharing with us a good experience, I'm saddened and somehow provoked by your excessive use of the word "allot". Really.

MrBond007_fml 6

Hit me up Melissa, let's work out some time...

73 - The allot is better than you at everything (look it up, it's hilarious).

92- Hyperbole and a half?

gmc_blossom 21

92- You have the wrong creature. The creature you're thinking of is the "alot." I doubt the allot can do half of the amazing things the alot can.

Well, the more you do it burn calories!

More you to lov- - meh seriously, workout is a bitch but it avoids situations like those. ... Or he could use that meat and rub himself with it, whatever rolls his boat.

Boats do not roll, I'm sorry I had to break that to you.

Uhm. Boats are entirely capable of rolling. Good chance it ends in drowning, but boats can roll over.

Boats don't roll, they capsize! Plus, #12 was most likely shooting for 'whatever floats your boat' but missed the basket.

kaitie311 1

I think he was referring to the phrase "rows his boat" but because of the fat rolls he said "rolls his boat"..?

#41 knows this because she's a digital pirate. You row a boat with oars, when a boats rolls over its called capsizing. Therefore no matter how you look at, a boat can and can't roll.

Kayaks are boats and they most certainly "roll" without capsizing. It's a safety maneuver I learned in my first (and only) kayaking class.

sierra142 19

Please please please start looking after yourself. A healthy diet and exercise will help. If there's bigger issues you need to seek professional help- therapist, dietician etc. You surely can't be happy and it's not about looks at all. It's about the health of your body.

You'll die young OP. get help. If not for what others think but to protect yourself from dying at 35 from clogged arteries.

Atleast you're still getting laid. Maybe try being on top and you'll burn those calories fast :)

If OP goes on top, her boyfriend might die. It's possible.