By Anonymous - 25/06/2009 08:34 - United States

Today, I was getting a pedicure and the woman sitting next to me asked the lady if she could take the skin she had scraped off my feet home to her birds because they love skin. She then describes for 20 minutes how her birds love to sit on her when her sunburn is peeling and eat her skin. FML
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that's creepy, and not to mention extremely nasty.


I agree That is just really wrong and nasty.,.... some people are just weird, but u get used to it FYL

pickles256 0

thas nasty. why didnt you tell her to shut up?

i gagged as i read that FML. wtf ?! >.

wow you should have ran like crazy she totaly had it out for you

so that's where my grandma went!!

mweh ive heard sicker its kinda weird though

I almost threw up when i read this! FYL OP. That woman is sick!

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

wintamint101 7

i just threw up

agree with 1 & 234

that's creepy, and not to mention extremely nasty.

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Could be worse she could of been in the bathroom asking for her poo

Too hard, 263. Too hard.

That's phuckin gross

Did you do that to piss Grammar Nazis off? XD

That is really disgusting. I'll bet she'll have skin cancer in a year if she feeds her birds by getting a sunburn so they eat her skin off.

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What a relaxing pedicure.

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lolz. but seriously, I ALMOST PUKED!

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the thought and mental image of that just fucked with my nerves. thanks OP for traumatizing us.

lmao...i'd love to see how you write FMLs.

and i meant that for 161.

#183 What the fuck? YOU were number 161. Talking to yourself in real life is one thing, but typing messages to yourself over the internet is just weird.

What the helllllllllllllllllllllll. alien invasion!!! xD

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Same. Thats the fucking nastiest thing ever. Even nastier then the FML where the guy threw up in his mouth then had to swallow it back.

Gross doesn't even cut it in this case.. o.O

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Ew. Just.. ew.