By ForeverAlone - 20/05/2013 04:47 - United States

Today, I'm planning my big sister's wedding. My long-term, live-in boyfriend walked by and saw me looking at the wedding tab on Pinterest, smirked, and said, "Don't get your hopes up." I had. FML
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He probably doesn't even deserve you OP. I bet that wedding, will be beautiful, too!!

oj101 33

Weddings stir up emotions, and it's likely your boyfriend will witness the special moment and want it for himself too. Keep positive, it'll come eventually. Unless there's a dramatic plot twist, and your sister/her fiancé dramatically leaves like in a soap opera.


He probably doesn't even deserve you OP. I bet that wedding, will be beautiful, too!!

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Why is it that when a guy gets in one little fight that be has to move all the way to belair? I mean really just because he isn't ready to get married that the guy is the "worst"? Seriously, I'd hate to be pressured into marrying my gf.

A person doesn't need to pressured into doing what they want to do anyway.

gczizza1997 15

It's not about the being pressured part, it's how he acted towards her. He could have just walked by and not said anything but instead he had to made a comment and hurt OPs feelings

I mean that the issue is more that he seems so dead set against marriage than anything else.

Euhm, not wanting a marriage doesn't make the relationship automatic less serious.

maybe he was just trying to throw OP off the scent? whenever i got a hunch my OH was gona propose he'd make some comment about it's not gonna happen for a few years because he needs to be sure it'll be the real thing. keep your hopes up OP, and try not to pressure him too much. he'll propose when he's ready. in the mean time, just enjoy the relationship as it is :)

why is #1 thumbed up that much? usually these kind of comments get burried.

I wouldn't worry. At least you realized he's a dick before you married him. He could be totally inconsiderate after you tied the knot, and that would suck.

I don't see why #41 has so many thumbs down, I completely agree with her. If you're living together and saying something like that, I'd be questioning whether the relationship is even heading down the road to marriage.

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Why buy the cow when the milk is free

oj101 33

Weddings stir up emotions, and it's likely your boyfriend will witness the special moment and want it for himself too. Keep positive, it'll come eventually. Unless there's a dramatic plot twist, and your sister/her fiancé dramatically leaves like in a soap opera.

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Aisle 13

Why should he change his mind? I think it's just as important to respect the boyfriend's feelings. Not wanting to get married is a choice, just like wanting it. And in my opinion, women's happiness shouldn't depend so much on whether "it will happen" or not. Times are changing.

Expectations running wild!!! Op's bf's an asshat.

SynysterNero 20

How is he an ass just because he doesn't want to get married yet? Yes the comment was uncalled for but you can't assume he's an ass for not being ready yet.

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Even though you have a long-term, live-in boyfriend, you still think you're "ForeverAlone"? You get no pity from me; weddings are pretty overrated anyways.

Just because they live with each other doesn't mean they will end up being together forever, especially considering his response to weddings. And speaking of weddings, they might be cheesy sometimes, but it's beautiful to celebrate a lifetime of love and everyone deserves to get that chance, if they want it.

Totally agree with the no pity but weddings are a very important thing to many women.

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Not all people make their username just when they post. I'm on a mobile so it doesn't let me look at OP's profile, but I made my username a long time before I submitted an FML...

Only a forever alone Pearson would make this comment

Nothing was ever said about being Forever Alone. She was just disappointed she wasn't getting married too.

its the OP's username #94

Mister_Triangle 21

If you have a romantic relationship on any level, you're not alone. And if you've ever not been alone, it's impossible to be forever alone. You may be alone in the future, but that's not forever. That's temporarily alone.

Ali_Br_fml 33

I thought moving in with your significant other was the step you took to see if you were capable of living together 24/ see if you should take the next step... That or you both are too broke to have your own place, and don't see it working out in the long run. What would I know? I'm just some cat... At least you know now... You're not stuck with butterflies waiting, looking around every corner to see if he planned to propose...unless it was just to throw you off his trail... Nah I probably need to go back to bed. It's 5:55am & I don't have to be up until 7 today...

Ali_Br_fml 33

Meh, I'm not sure if my profile picture shows up...too tired to check why not.

I'm sorry, but this isn't your own personal rant outlet, thanks for sharing though.

Your profile pic doesn't show because it says you want your profile hidden.

Did you call yourself a cat...?

Ali_Br_fml 33

Yay, fixed!!! Thanks for the help. My profile picture is of a cat, so yes, I called myself a cat, which made no sense at all since I accidentally set it to private.

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Your ramblings, while valid at the beginning, are unfunny and make you seem dumb-crazy-dumb... Not only because your profile picture was not visible. Also, I am a cat.

Well OP, it's time to have a conversation with your boyfriend to find out if your life goals are the same. Clearly it looks like you're not going in the same direction. And saying it like that was not exactly kind of him but quite disrespectful.

RedPillSucks 31

Agreed This is not an FML if neither of them are ready for marriage or they both simply expect to live together with no further escalation in their relationship, but if she wants more and he's content with the way things are, then it may be time to move on.

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I agree. Give him an ultimatum OP. It'll work out great!

Hes full of himself. Maybe in the end youre dodging a bullet. Or he'll come around. We'll see

He may mean in the short term, but either way, I'd ask him to clarify. It's quite possibly a misunderstanding, and it'd be much better to find out how he actually feels about marriage instead of inferring it from one comment. If he's not interested and you can't live without being married, you should probably both reevaluate what you want and whether the relationship is going where you want it to.

Probably not what you want to hear, buuuuuuuut if you guys have dated for a long time, live together and he is not even willing to talk about one day getting married to you it means it won't ever happen, and if it does it will probably be a disaster. If you are looking to get married, might want to find a different boyfriend.

I don't think anyone should look for a boyfriend/girlfriend because they are looking to get married. That relationship will more likely end in disaster. A person should only look for a relationship for love. And you're right. A long term relationship will grow, and marriage will be a possibility.

Just a clarification, I'm not saying husband hunting is the way to go. All I meant was that if just looking at wedding photos for someone else's wedding gets you shot down it's probably not going to work. Yes, love is important in relationships, but so are values and dreams. If one person wants to get married, and the other one absolutely does not it won't work.

If you're looking for marriage and he's not you should perhaps go separate ways :( as sad as that is, it can only lead to disappointment or anger on each side. Wait it out, he might change eventually, but that is his choice

ApollosMyth 22

10, Soooo.... Is OP supposed to wait it out, or go her seperate way? I'm confused on what advice you are giving her.

She's saying that OP can either wait it out and see if he changes his tune (which seems unlikely), or OP can end the relationship. Oh, and it's separate.

Whatever she feels is right. If they're already living together and he doesn't want to get married it's going to only take time to change or it won't at all. It's if she wants to wait for something that may not happen, if it means that much to her

That's pretty harsh. Just tell him at least one of you needs something that gets up.