By Anonymous - 05/12/2009 00:22 - Australia

Today, my dad offered to take me and my sister to school because we just moved houses. On the way, he asked us why we looked so tired. We just said we were tired from moving house. Truth is, our room is right next to theirs. We heard everything. Loud and clear. FML
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I'm directly under my parents room. the ceiling shakes. :|


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it's pretty hard to make sense of what you've just written. maybe it's because I don't speak English nativly

#3 her parents were having loud raunchy sex in the room next to her so she couldnt sleep. and her dad asked her why she was tired, she made up an excuse.

Oh joy. Time to invest in some quality earplugs. And FYL indeed.

Haha oh goodness....are you referring to what i think you are referring?

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incest, fun for the whole family... FYL but unfortunately its a fact of life it happens to us all once in our lives.

It wasn't incest! They were saying they heard their parents having sex and couldn't sleep.

I'm sorry for u and ur sis... ask ur daddy 2 take u to walmart for some ear plugs and good luck

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Well there is Asda, which is literally part of the Walmart family

I agree, time to invest in earplugs. If you don't want to tell them the truth, then just say oh the roads are very noisy at night, I could use some earplugs. Remember though, get the reusable kind, not the cheap foam ones! :)

well the only bright spot about being a child of divorce, like I am, is you dont seem to run into that problem. My older brother on the other hand probably heard me being concieved.

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That's all fine, right until your divorced parents find new partners. Then the problem expands exponentially.

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HAHA oh poor guy. my then seven yearold sister and I once heard what had the potential to be a third sibling.

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Unless you have to listen to your mom and a vibrator... That's not much better!!