By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, I finally finished downloading a 60GB TV series after two weeks of waiting. Every single "episode" turned out to be Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up, on constant repeat. I almost respect the prankster's effort enough to not want to gut him like a fish. Almost. FML
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  shabadabba  |  14

@80 Assuming he downloaded the videos through a torrent you can force the software to fully download specific elements such as an episode. if it was a zip download then yeah it would be just one big lump

By  sturschaedel  |  27

At least the fine you'll be charged for copyright infringement will be SO much cheaper now that you pirated just one song instead of a whole series.

And that troll is awesome!

By  91hayek  |  31

With files that large just do a bit at a time. Like a few several at first to see the quality and such. I do that with printing as well, or other large order stuff. It may be pedantic but a full commitment shouldn't be what you're thinking of, and I'm sure you thought you couldn't get the show from any other guy, but still, rick rolling is pretty bad.

  tarlax  |  11

although it could've been one of those torrents where it's a zip file spread into dozens of parts, that'd make it way harder or impossible to preview anything until it's finished, though anyone that downloads those kinds of torrents is asking for trouble anyway

  JustinJK  |  21

^just download by season not by the entire run of the show. or even a few episodes at a time. Most TV shows that I've downloaded allow you to select/deselect files. They're generally sorted by folders for each season and you can deselect each season. I wouldn't download a 60GB tv series without that freedom. I don't really download TV shows anymore because there's a lot of 3rd party sites that can stream videos. Then I just cast them to my TV from my browser and it's done.