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Today, I came home and found out that my new roommate, who smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day and drinks heavily 5 nights a week, had smashed my $300 bong because "weed is a horrible and deadly drug that will kill you slowly." FML
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expen_dable tells us more.

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1. my roommates a girl 2. My old roommate and I both bought the bong and split the price but when she transferred colleges she let me keep it 3. my roommate does drink usually 5 nights a week and she is 19 so she isn't exactly law abiding either

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Ok. If he wants to play that game then go pour any bottle of booze he has in the house down the drain, crush any pack of smokes of his you see and give him the same line about booze and nicotine. That will either stop his hypocrisy or shut him the hell up.

I would have killed him. no exageration. he would be dead. I would have shoved the pack of cigs so far up his ass he would puke tobacco!


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Weed is bad?!?!?!? Dude cigarettes and beer are worse and they're ******* legal!

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weed isnt that bad, the people who are afraid of it are

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Please enlighten us as to how weed is bad. Is it because it causes lung cancer? 'Cause the funny thing is, it doesn't. In fact it slows down tumor growth. Maybe its because its so deadly? Well 0 people in history have died from using it. Addictive? Well obviously you've never used it because marijuana is about as addictive as exercising. YDI #135 for being so misinformed. OP, thats horrible you should do something to compensate.

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oh and getting drunk and a pack a day is soo much better... idiot

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Even if you say that weed is bad, who is this guy to judge and destroy personal property if he is doing things that are equally bad or worse?

You know what else is bad #135? The Jonas Brothers and Twilight.. JUST QUIT IT!

weed isn't as bad as alcohol or tobacco, but it's worse than it used to be. a lot of weed is laced with meth... but still FYL for having a hypocrite as a friend.

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#199 Where the hell are you getting your weed from? My shit aint laced with meth lol.

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To all of those that think that weed is really isn't. I have been smoking for about two years, and I'm in all advanced classes, get an average of a 3.8 on my progress and report cards. Weed does not make you stupid. Oh, btw, I usually smoke daily also.

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...first, apologies for the length. I wish to explain why marijuana is *not* laced with anything other than maybe miracle grow(cartel-level) or organic worm shit for fertilizer(f'in hippies! -level). This isn't about the battle for childrens' souls, or proper human behavior. This is about economics. Adding any extra ingredient to a product increases the cost of it's overall production. The 'lacing' of pot is an urban myth. If anything, the mass-production of it by cartel-level crime syndicates has degraded the quality of the product(just ask anyone in South Cali>.>) trying to meet an ever-increasing demand, while only in the local domestic marijuana-growers do we see consistent increases in quality. From a product-quality/supply-and-demand standpoint, the premise that marijuana is being laced with meth does not make sense even when accounting for the 'relatively' low cost/production of the meth itself; particularly when it comes to making an overall net profit based on a product that *already* has a mass demand just the way it is. I'm no economics major and quite possibly speaking out of my ass, but to me the idea of adding a spoonful of sugar to my lemonade but not accounting for the cost of the sugar I'm adding is going to be a surefire way of gradually bankrupting my business. Can't say I'm good with statistics per-se, but the overall market availability and cost of a product does give a few clues about the demand for it by the general populace. From that, the overall quality and health-risks regarding it's consumption may be inferred from the number of people who are dropping dead or winding up in the hospital as a result of using said product over so-and-so a period. As far as weed being safe... well, just look at how many people die of THC overdoses or auto-fatalities from THC consumption, then compare it to auto-fatalities due to alcohol intoxication. Hell, just look for hospitalizations due to *intentional* Tylenol over-consumption. It's time to stop blaming inanimate substances for our lack of responsibility and start accepting accountability for how much of what we use, and how often we use it. From alcohol to heroin to marijuana to ibuprofen to sugar;-p

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yes 201, because if its against the law, than it must automatically be wrong, eh? It was against the law at one time for a black person to have sex with a white, was that a just law? Just take two seconds to take a look at previous marijuana laws. Originally marijuana was outlawed by being required to obtain tax stamps for carrying it, but they couldn't be obtained without the marijuana in your possession, which meant you automatically incriminated yourself by trying to obtain the stamps. Not to mention the whole premise of why marijuana was banned in the first place was based on bullshit: Marijuana turns you into a psychopath, turns blacks into crazed rapists. And of course this was a racist measure against Mexican immigrants who were bringing alot of weed into the country, in the same way that opium laws were aimed at Chinese immigrants. And keep in mind here, I don't even enjoy/smoke weed, I just have a problem with bullshit laws. That's not to say its completely harmless, but it is certainly not particularly more harmful than cigs or alcohol.

#204. well i'm not saying all weed is laced. but meth does sometimes find itself in weed (on purpose or by accident). my friend got pretty badly-laced weed. but anyway, i only dislike weed cuz it makes people lazy (my bro's grades dropped quite a bit) but then again, i'm pretty lazy too and i don't smoke :P. umm... yeah but i would feel safer in a car with a high driver than a drunk driver any day. of course, in a perfect world, no one would need drugs to be happy. but we don't live in the "best of all possible worlds" 0_o

LOL. Laced with METH? How does that work? Meth is more expensive and harder to produce than weed. If you can make meth, why wouldn't you just sell the damn meth? That's like making a uranium alloy and selling it as scrap iron. Where do you hear this garbage? D.A.R.E. to eliminate government-sponsored propaganda.

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I'm sure you're a brilliant mind, but smoking weed on a chronic (ha-ha) basis *does* have ongoing memory and learning performance deficits, for as long as six months after ceasing use. It doesn't have any permanent deficits, but they do exist while you continue to use regularly. (So don't worry about the long-term, but if you need to be mentally sharp on the short-term, regular use, defined as more than three times a week, will slow you down). So really the question is whether you're happy with the trade-off in lower short-term memory performance and slower reaction times, for any happy warm feelings that being high might give you (and certainly those are worthwhile trade-offs if you have any chronic pain condition or have chemotherapy-related nausea, but if you're a student in anything outside of the arts and humanities, it could affect you more than you think).

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lol ive smoked a shit load of weed and ive never had weed laced with meth your dumb

Actually that was for hemp I think...close, but not the exact same thing. Anyhoo I feel sorry for any ignorant fool who believes it's bad. There are probably 2 or 3 bad things about it. 1. The most convenient way to take it in is smoke it(while you can make a tea, food, or vaporize it as alternatives) 2. It has been found to cause temporary short term memory loss while that is a little sketchy and I'm not sure how many studies there are around that. 3. It's mentally addictive for the weak who don't have the will power to quit if they need to(but most don't care cuz it's not that terrible for you) Oh and it's illegal is bad I guess...doesn't make it right that it is though. DO SOME RESEARCH! before calling it bad and use something to back it up idiots. sigh I can't stand people who believe everything the anti drug commercials say and other bs out there

Not sure about weed laced with meth, sounds insane. I had weed laced with LSD last weekend, 25$ a gram, one cone piece and I'm pretty used to weed mind you, I'm ******* OFF my face.

wow everyone loves weed and it makes the world better don't knock anything until you've tried it **** this site I'm going to

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btw to all the people who say weed is harmless

the reason weed gets laced with hard drugs that are highly addictive is because drug dealers want the buyer, to be a constant customer. as for other substances that are used to lace weed (lead, glass etc) is to make the weed look higher quality

265 and 284 you guys are my new heros. What annoys me about it being illegal though is that I can't do that again due to common pre-hiring drug testing. I never considered myself a pothead or anything like that and I'm not going to show up to work stoned just like I'm sure most of you probably would know better than to show up drunk. I only smoked maybe once every few months at most. I never saw any correlation between weed usage and work ethic in anyone I knew though. My lazy friends were lazy before they started. As for addiction, I have seen that used as an excuse before by people who got caught by the type of propaganda fed zombies that will actually beleive that. Stupid as it is, it's a hell of a lot easier than actually explaining yourself. Anyways, I didn't mean to ramble on like that. I have better things to do.

no ones saying smoking and drinking are good (although a controlled amount of drinking is fine) but what people are trying to say is weed is ALSO bad and the worse part is people behave even worse than when drunk.

if it isn't addictive then why is everyone who starts doing it not stop unless they ate made to do so.

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Wow. Want to see the list of our future mcdonald workers?? - 125 145 147 204 219 - I LOVE it when people like you say "I smoke a shit ton and I'm a genious!" yeah okay. What are you, junior high? Grade 9? Try calculus baked. Run a business baked. The peak of your professional career is going to be buying lottery tickets with your 7-11 earnings every week. Weed does, it's a proven fact, make you dumb. I would LOVE to see you try, just to watch you crash and burn. I want to meet you so I can put a molotov down your throat and see what happens, it'll be a good test of your chemistry smart ass 221 284 - You're right about laws being goofy sometimes, but you really think this one is a mistake? Yeah, Amsterdam has an extremely low crime rate and everything happens to be legal, but when was the last time you hears that place accomplish anything?? Really, anything. You're comparing racism and segregation to health, two very different subjects. 374 and I could keep going but it's a pretty big list of morons and chronic potheads. Good luck in life, yours are close to an end

It seems to me like the Netherlands have achieved having a country where people don't run around killing each other and where its citizens have the right to make their own decisions about there own health.

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just tried the calculus thing. not that hard.

@416 I am a straight A student 4.2 GPA and I took my SAT high abd I scored a 1500 plus I got a scholorship to harvard medical school and you say weed hurts you it doesnt it promotes cell growth in the brain.

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380 is such a bad lier. Just shut the **** up.

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My friend is going to a 4 year university on a full ride IB diploma scholarship. he smokes 5 times a day. Makes you stupid, huh?

416's mommy probably made him promise never to do drugs :)

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Weed makes you stupid and slow

MiGman 5

Uhm 416 my friend is becoming an aviation mechanic/engineer he wrote multiple exams while he was baked he did great on them

Weed is awesome and doesn't make everyone lazy. Weed should be legal end of story

have you been watching the history of marijuana? cause you forgot to mention the fact that hemp is cheaper than timber which is another reason it's illegal. but the reasons you mentioned were mentioned in that program.

I agree. I'm completely informed about the effects of marijuana and it IS a bad drug which is why it's ILLEGAL. May not be addictive, but there have been studies where it causes lack of brain development, heart issues, and fertility issues. Source: read anywhere and my Uncle. He's been a stoner his whole life and nothing but that. Guess what happened to him? 40% of his heart is dead. He's going to die this year most likely. So to all you potheads smoke up because you're so obviously better than the people that don't.

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Wow Obviously u who r saying that weed is fine dont really know what it does. The blood brain barrier protects your brain from being poisoned by your blood. Drugs and alcohal pass through that barrier and are NOT healthy for the brain. It slows down reaction time as well. On my football team there r some twins. They would be exactly alike eccept one smokes weed an the other doesnt. The one who doesnt is the best player on the team. The one who does is alright but not the quality player he could be.

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90% of the people above me are either pot heads or from California.

The problem I have with all of the arguing above me is that everyone is fighting about the wrong thing. We all know cigarettes cause cancer and alcohol causes all kinds of chaos. Things aren't just made illegal because they are "bad." As adults, we should be allowed to CHOOSE what we put into our bodies. The government shouldn't be allowed to say, "no," like we're disobedient toddlers. If I CHOOSE to make a decision to smoke, I shouldn't be hassled for that, because good or bad for me, I am an adult. I eat a lot of cheeseburgers. That's not very good for me, but I don't have a mommy hanging around forcing me to eat my vegetables. That's what growing up IS. Responsibility and the right to make our own decisions. Certain laws, the government, and you stupid people who go along with their propaganda make me sick. I wish I was free to live my own life. And for the record, I am not a smoker. I simply hate bullshit laws. Also, don't you idiots have any respect for personal property? Whether or not smoking is bad, what IS bad is touching and breaking something that is not yours. I would have whooped his ass.

no reason to stop. Would you stop drinking coffee in the morning for no reason?

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I don't know too much about marijuana, but I do know that smoking it is both inefficient and harmful to the lungs. While I do believe that it ought to be legal, for the time being, it is not. However, it's only matter of time before it is legal for recreational use.

You are soooooo ignorant. Just because you think something doesn't make sense that it doesn't exist. I am related to a person who bought weed laced with meth and something else and is now permanent institutionalized and is no longer the same person. Sometimes things aren't government bs like you seem to think about anything that makes you look like an idiot. Sorry but you just need to stop coming up with conspiracy theories to validate your miserable exsistance.

416. most arrogant one on here probably haha sorry but im just being honest. some of you guys make me sooooo mad with how uneducated about this subject you are. it doesnt make you dumber, it doesnt make you lazy, doesnt make you do bad things. in fact the only illegal thing i ever think of doing while smoking is just smoking some more hahaha. seriously everyone needs to chill. i get good grades and do chores and its actually helped me with alot of problems i had like being dislexic and stuttering and being socially akward and my A.D.D

Win @ #2. Why spend $300 on a bong you can make for yourself for $10

Hey dude, weed doesn't kill. Look at the facts.

Actually, weed can cause cancer just like tobacco. Sorry to burst your bubble, but everything you hear about weed not having carcinogens and such just isn't true. I'm all for smoking it, I just think people shouldn't spout ignorant bullshit. So dude, actually, weed does kill. Look at the facts.

expen_dable 0

um that website is a joke, look at some credible ones like webMD that say that weed DOESN'T cause cancer: study done at UCLA research center:

Are you kidding me? Inhaling smoke of any variety is bad for you. How can you possibly believe differently? Of course different studies will say different things. And of course pot smokers will believe the studies that say they aren't at any risk. The point is, legitimate studies are out there that say that it does increase the risk. The fact that they have found benefits (the supposed reduction of tumor size, etc) does not mean there aren't risks that go with it. As someone who partakes in the hobby of smoking weed on a fairly regular basis I am saying that ignoring the studies that scare you is dumb and you shouldn't continue to preach your bullshit to people until there are entirely conclusive results. Also, here's one without opposition about the increased risk of testicular cancer: While millions of people smoke weed and this type of cancer only accounts for half of a percent of all cancers, there is still a small elevated risk of nonseminoma. As a marijuana user you have to decide if this tiny risk is worth it, not pretend it doesn't exist. To be educated you have to look at the findings of both sides and pick out the parts that aren't exaggerated or altered and come to your own conclusions.

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the REAL point is that though weed is not all puppies and rainbows, it's far less detrimental to your health than alcohol and tobacco.

WINNER!, yeah dude. Get some revenge

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Only when you don't use a vaporizer, that study didn't say anything about that... water pipes(bongs) also reduce these supposed risks

yes, because youtube has become more credible than the Toronto Star. I'm not going to get into the argument whether or not weed causes cancer or not, I don't know or care if it does, but don't call the website for a credible newspaper (it's Canadian one, in case you're not from Canada) a joke.

Smoke of any ilk has a carcinogenic effect. Particulate inhalation will **** you up something royally no matter what you're burning - ingesting cannabinoids through other means won't do you the slightest bit of harm. Weed does NOT cause cancer.

fmlxxxx 0

cos everything you read in the newspaper is true, right?

Ya, weed itself doesn't do shit to you....which is why brownies is the way to go.

if the risk of getting cancer is what you're concerned about. Don't smoke your weed, have a brownie instead. I suppose you could do the same thing with tobacco, but i wouldn't recommend it ;)

OMGZORS webMd is the solution to ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS! Did you hear that, everyone! Go now and self-diagnose yourselves. No more need for doctors! (better get that practice in, because there won't be any doctors left in the country soon, anyway)

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As a pre-med student, I know about the effects of drugs and alcohol . Cigarettes are actually more addicting than heroin, and one night of binge drinking can effect your judgment for up to thirty days . However, all effects of marijuana can be reversed within three months of not smoking . Anyone who think marijuana is a dangerous drug needs to actually look at the facts before opening their un-educated mouths .

Sorry, you're citing The Star as a credible resource? Nonono. In response to OP: shit one. That's absolutely awful. Your roommate is a complete tool. Also, alcohol and cigarettes are far far worse for you than smoking weed. OK, if you're smoking weed in a joint then obviously you're going to be getting the carcinogens/chemicals/ all the rubbish they put into the tobacco. Still better than smoking cigarettes. Btw, there're carcinogens in EVERYTHING we eat, drink, smoke, whatever. You can find studies anywhere that'll tell you that fruits contain carcinogens, sure the air we breathe is carcinogenic. Does that mean we should stop breathing? Or go around wearing facemasks all day on the off-chance of catching lung cancer? Please.

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that whole article was anti-marijuana group funded rubbish. True there are risks with smoking weed... however those usually are sleeping too much, gaining weight, and getting busted. Most risks in smoking weed are short term and completely reversable. Marijuana is illegal because hemp made better cheaper more renewable paper, and the owner of a wood pulp paper company was going to lose money on it. when this country was founded anyone with over a certain amount of land was prohibited to NOT grow hemp. Hemp is one of the main economic bases of this country. Our original flag was made of hemp. If I am not mistaken the constitution and declaration of independence were drafted on hemp paper

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Yeah guys, why save up and buy something nice when you can get something really shitty for free?

ROFL. This is what I was thinking too. A bong is never $300 unless you are an idiot. A beautiful 3 foot bong, all glass. $135. Please find a better shop. And shoot whoever "robbed" you.

I've seen a bong worth (arguably) $10, 000 USD

And I *could* sell you my car for $10,000.. $300 for a bong is a ridiculous price. For less then half you can get beautiful 3 foot bongs with designs and colors and the works. If you spend that much on a can only assume you're spending higher money on weed. One can only think then...why not save up some of this "excess" cash you have around? Unless of have the money to which case..go buy another $300 bong and quit bitching?

aaaaa12345_fml 0

any 3 foot bong that looks nice and is only $150 is obviously made with cheap, thin glass. some people would rather spend more money for better weed and better glass.

Agreed, some people enjoy having nice things. My current 2 footer was worth every penny of the 300 I spent, and I plan to continue buying bigger and nicer.

WildInTheStreets 5

If you want an extremely nice, name brand bong, with add-ons and such, you will find yourself spending close to $300.

The funny thing (which is obvious) is that both those things on there own cause 500k times more deaths a year each

Stab him. With the sharpest part of the broken bong. Now. And make sure. He never. EVER. Fucks with your weed smoking. Ever. Again.

I would have killed him. no exageration. he would be dead. I would have shoved the pack of cigs so far up his ass he would puke tobacco!

damnthatsuck 0

no one said it was a he fyi

Because weed makes you dumb and're an idiot. The high school stoner image is mostly just a stereotype. Those people were dumb to begin with. There are more professionals than you think that smoke weed everyday. Hell, I'm sure there are plenty of potheads smarter than you.

lolsam 0

Obama admitted to smoking weed, and I'm pretty sure he turned out okay...

PollySighDevil 0

well you can't tell the difference between "then" and "than"... how bout that smarty pants?

Just an FYI... the person said "then" not "than"-- so it was in fact incorrectly used. Anywho... To the OP- wow, I'd definitely seek revenge against the idiotic hypocrite.

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StealthStorm67 0

He used it right you ******* grammar nazi, if you're going to call someone out on something, at least be RIGHT.

star_ver 0

@153 You ******* fail at life. Sorry OP. Maybe buy a less expensive bong?

@ 121 lawl, yeah, ok. //pat, pat// poor, naive liberals.

guys weed is better for u then cigs. but ydi for being a dumb ass and smoking

completely agree with you. a ton of my friends have a 3.7-4.0 gpa and smoke weed 2-3 times a day.

Scratch241 5

What's your definition of "okay"?

ising20 1

@191 actually, 98 DID say "than"... you may want to check your eyes.

STFU #298. This is the internet. Not a red state campaign.

Another victim of propaganda. What a closed-minded asshole.

marijuana doesn't kill anyone. the only weed in that apartment that's deadly is the tobacco in the roomie's cigs.

StonerkidDGK420 0

You should probably like... Break a bottle on his cranium. It's okay to cry also... I've been there

Ok. If he wants to play that game then go pour any bottle of booze he has in the house down the drain, crush any pack of smokes of his you see and give him the same line about booze and nicotine. That will either stop his hypocrisy or shut him the hell up.

Or alternatively he becomes your ex-room-mate. Even if he disagrees with your lifestyle choices he has no right to go around breaking your stuff. Another amusing little trick you could do is grab a pack of his smokes (or buy one of his brand, leave it out in the open and he will think he brought it when he was drunk and forgot about it), then shove firecrackers in random cigarettes in the pack. Or just put the broken shards of your bong in his bed and on his floor. Either will make him think twice about ******* with your stuff.

shnibz101 0

If you honestly believe this, you need to get your facts straight and stop listening to what your 15-year-old peers tell you.

Number #115 initially I thought; whaaat 15 year old peers wouldn't be so misinformed in this day in age, if anything, it would be the adults feeding him lies. Then I remembered a girl I went to school with who bitched someone out in the cafeteria one day, who she "assumed" was a stoner. She used a health class drug pamphlet that cited there being over 100,000 marijuana related vehicle deaths a year as the basis of her argument. So.

I would have strangled him with my bare hands. Regardless of his opinions on weed, a bong is still an expensive piece of glassware. (oh and of course destroying a bong by no means prevents its owner from smoking!)

LuckyCharms_fml 0

Congratulations. You understand irony.

NoNameAtAll_fml 1

YDI for doing drugs. I mean havnt you retards seen what happened to ozzy ousbourne? And yet you idiots still do it.

Hidan_fml 0

Ozzy Osbourne didn't just do pot. He did a shit load of other drugs. And even so, he's still doing a lot better than you'll ever be.

you guys say u aren't addicted, but you talk about killing someone cuz they broke some glass u use to smoke. a little dependent eh? anyway how many CEOs or billionaires smoke weed constantly? Lazy assholes, I don't know a single weed smoker who's productive.

hobbsicle805 0

My friend is going to a 4 year university on a full ride IB diploma scholarship. he smokes 5 times a day. Makes you stupid, huh?

Leadamp 7

the point is that the room mate broke something worth 300 dollars not that he is dependant on weed

smump 0

I don't do any drugs but really don't care if people smoke weed. It isn't like they get super dangerous. All that happens is they eat everything they see and get really annoying.

smump 0

They aren't mad that they can't smoke with a bong its that the bong was $300. Learn to read.

sutianneli 13

457-you are a real fucktard.

XxQuartersxX 14

Hey, man, I wouldnt say Id kill someone, but Id probably hit a ************ if he broke my bong! A good bong is very expensive! There are many, many people who smoke herb and are VERY productive. I go to school, clean my house and go to the gym. My boyfriend goes to school and works. Not only that. If you knew anything about what you were arguing over youd know that smoking takes skill. Rolling a joint or blunt is not something you can do easily on the first try. It takes A LOT of practice and experience. Some people even have trouble learning to smoke a bowl. And if you grow your own weed, that comes with shit tons of different work and manual labor! Up to 60, 70, 80 hours a week ic youre good at what you do. What do you work, 40 hours? Fuck you, man.

#457 shut your ignorant mouth. I guarantee one or both of your parents tried weed in their youth. And if you think Steve Jobs, Zuckerburg and Bill Gates never smoked pot, I have some news to enlighten you. Besides all this, what is wrong with Ozzy exactly? Last I checked he was the same crazy ass ant hill snorting, urine drinking, bat biting genius he was 30 years ago, just old and retired now. He defined a genre you dick bag. What have you accomplished without weed?

Ozzy did waaay worse than weed, I'll have my faith restored in this generation when we stop going to war with a plant

Fucking idiot weed can’t kill you. It’s actually scientifically possibly to get hooked on weed or overdose

YDI for spending 300 bucks on a bong when you can make a perfectly good one from a bottle.

sniperkit 10

If you don't mind the really late reply- Random FMLs ftw!- then I'll have to inform you that the plastic's chemicals can go into your weed and make you sick :) Just get a cheap bong or a pipe. Much better.