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By  lindsayr425  |  0

keep up the good work! you are doing amazing! I gained over 40lbs with my first and it still took me over a year to lose it all, even with exclusive breastfeeding!

  sourgirl101  |  28

Same here. I gained so much weight with my first pregnancy! And it took forever to lose. Even with breast feeding. I was smarter with my second and watched what I ate.

OP it's hard for some to lose weight. if you don't set up a diet and exercise plan, you will gain everything right back.

My coach once told me "If you fail to plan, plan to fail".

  Dreamer5393  |  21

Same. Before my pregnancies I was 102lbs and after my 2nd I weighed 143lbs. Now after a half year of diet and exercise I weigh 99lbs. It's definitely not easy but it feels a lot better.

By  JhasNeeh  |  7

Another perfect example of why we need a STFU button. Why are you whining? 30lbs is huge, keep going and keep your moaning for something that deserves it.