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  idkweird  |  0

Agreed with #1. Usually you have to let them know that you're moving so that they can turn on the power at your new place. On the bill, it should usually list the address of the residence it's for.

To avoid this when I was paying my electricity online, I simply renamed each new place. I had electricity in my name at 5 different places in San Diego....when I tranferred to a new one, they always shut the power off at the last one. Im just very confused as to how this could happen.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

It is.
The bill is sent to the person holding the account. When you move, you have to let the electric company know so they cancel the bill to the old address and bill you for the new one. OP probably changed the mailing address, but not the address that's billed.

I've done it for my parents since I was 9. all 3 times we've moved since. It's not difficult at all.
OP's just stupid for not knowing how to do things correctly.

By  Anonnamus  |  0

Today, I had to pay my first electric bill. I had a discussion with my dog, and we both agreed that the ghost in the house provided us with our electricity, contrary to what my kid thought. The stress caused my skin to break out, and I was forced to buy acne cream. FML

  lickmyjock  |  0

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By  Angeledice  |  0

YDI! How can you not think of changing your address whilst moving to a different place?
Unfortunately you're not the only one, I know quite some people that still get mail from the previous tenants that lived there before.

By  yourlifesfucked  |  0

it's possible the electric co. bills OP's bank account directly. if that's the case, FYL cuz the electric co. robbed yo ass =p kinda makes you wonder why the people in your old house didnt say anything about that, but then again there are assholes everywhere.

  lettertjes  |  0

It's possible OP didn't get any bills to read, but then it still means he/she didn't contact the electricity company to tell them he/she was moving to a different house. You can't expect the electricity company to just *know* that.