By Sprinkles - 04/02/2015 07:44 - Australia

Today, I discovered my elderly neighbour likes to roam around his yard naked and wash his balls with the sprinkler. I'm never going to grab a snack in my kitchen again. FML
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There really does seem to be an age where ***** are no longer given. Sorry, OP.

sorry you had to witness that, but he won't stay for long in this world, let him do as he pleases


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curtains?? lol my neighbor likes to walk shirtless

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The OP shouldn't have to always keep curtains covering his windows all day just because of that. That would get depressing after a while, sorry to hear that you saw that OP.

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Just because they shouldnt have to doesnt mean its not a reasonable solution that can -at least for the most part- keep everyone happy.

How about nets? They'll let the light in but keep unpleasant sights at bay...

No, it was not nets, he was washing his nuts.

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Call the police and report that disturbance

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he's naked in his own property. he can be naked if he wants! however OP, I'm sorry you had to see that...

Why are people thumbing him down? It doesn't matter if you're on your own property.. exposing yourself to others is generally illegal no matter where you expose yourself from.

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Didn't read it right and didn't see that it said elderly..

Doesn't matter if they're elderly or not. Imagine if OP had kids that were able to see this? Either way the man could get in some serious trouble for indecent exposure. Or OP could just tell him to put some damn clothes on and wash his balls in the shower like normal people. Sprinklers are usually cold as hell anyway I don't know how anyone could enjoy that.

#38, OP lives in Australia, and it's as hot as Satan's ass crack here at the moment.

just inforcing 55s comment just incase no one understands, the seasons are "flipped" in the southern hemisphere, summer is during Europe and North America's winter.

Where the hell do you live #55. It's freezing here, and I live on the northern end of the Mid North Coast... It's always, like, 24 degrees here.

#62, on the Queensland coast, it's the humidity that gets me here.

That really is a horrible thing to see, FYL. However I can't help but feel compelled to try this... I'm worried about how strong the pressure of the water might be though

So what if I were old and enjoyed killing cute cuddly puppies? Would you just let me do as I please?

What's wrong with that? Besides, you know, EVERYTHING. Showers are made for a reason.

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if it's a nice day out why not enjoy an exciting outdoor shower?

what you saw..can't be unseen...sorry OP...try curtains...

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do not smile. make no eye contact or he'll think you like it