By Anonymous
Today, I began writing thank-you cards for the gifts I got for my 21st birthday. To one set of grandparents, I wrote, "Thank you for the dancing chicken toy," and to the others I wrote, "Thank you for the $10 check." Those were the only gifts. FML
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  Darebearius  |  7

For anyone something like this can be disheartening. It's not necessarily the gifts themselves but the loneliness of the lack thereof and the underwhelming investment into the two gifts that OP received. I see your point that a gift is better than nothing; However, your delivery of it by insulting OP completely overshadows your argument.

By  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

Welcome to adulthood where you rarely get gifts but are expected to earn everything by yourself. And very soon you might be the gift bringer for all your little nephews and nieces (if you have any).

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Welcome to being an adult. You stop expecting gifts when you become an adult. Part of growing up. Enjoy the chicken toy and use the $10 to get yourself a 6 pack.