By Anonymous - 19/06/2016 20:06 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, I declared I was done with online dating after several disasters. My friend set me up with a friend of her husband's. Turns out he's one of the men who rejected me on the website. He laughed when he saw me and said, "Well, this is awkward" and left. FML
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He's rude. There are still decent guys out there, don't lose hope op!

Jabroni_Cool 9

Don't give up there's some one for all of us


Jabroni_Cool 9

Don't give up there's some one for all of us

yeah we kinda have to believe that don't we

He's rude. There are still decent guys out there, don't lose hope op!

How is he rude? He is allowed to not like someone. I doubt you couldn't have handled the situation much better either if you were in his shoes.

You've tried online dating and blind dating. It's now time to try speed dating and if by chance you meet and get rejected by the same guy, then know that the universe is telling you there's only one guy for you, and he isn't interested.

Sorry, man... I appreciate your humor, but if I were her, that could actually deeply hurt because it sounds too close to what I'd think the truth is.

theres only 15 mean people in the world they just walk around a lot

This is where throwing anything in your hand across his face would be justified. Or just give him a nice soundly bitch slap.

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So if somebody isn't interested in you and is a bit rude your first reaction is to use physical violence? How would you feel if somebody asked for your number and if they didn't receive a satisfactory answer they ran the back of their hand across your face? Being rejected is not an excuse to attack somebody. Somebody being discourteous is not an excuse to attack somebody. There is really no good reason to be violent unless the other person is. If you are willing to attack somebody over being rejected I would hate to see what you would do if you were already in a relationship and you had even hollow suspicion of infidelity or if they back out of a date.

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Don't lose heart, fellow Wisconsinite. There's 5 million people in this state and 7 billion on this planet. He's out there. I guarantee it. :)

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Aww :( I'm sorry. There's millions of other guys out there that would at least give you the time of day before blowing you off like that

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This may not be what you want to hear right now, OP, but I suggest embracing being single. I haven't been on a date in over 6 months, and life is great! Also, with my focus not being on dating, I can see those who are interested, and clearly decide whether or not I want to break my no dating policy based on what I want, since I'm not seeking companionship for companionship's sake.

Not being an ass, but what is the difference between seeing someone who's interested, and dating someone?

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Not "seeing them" as in going out, but as in being aware of them.