By f__k_it - United States
  Today, I decided to jack it a few times because I haven't been laid in a while. After round 3 my ex called me up and said she wanted to 'talk.' When she came over she made it abundantly clear that she wanted to make whoopie. Couldn't get it up. FML
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By  3lended7wice  |  0

@ 4: you are probably a virgin.
@ 8: YES! exactly what i was thinking.

and this whole scenario is really a shame. though it more than likely saved you from some drama in the future.

By  fhxokgra99  |  0

wow, you're a pussy.
you oviously have no kids and you're oviously not in high school.
I'm going to guess mid 40s used car salesmen no kids lives in a shitty apartment.
I got creative with this one.

By  gukinator  |  0

u would say you jacked it thrice or you jacked it three times
not you jacked it thrice times
op- thats happened to me, it sux :[
thats why i never jack off when i have a gf, or if its like the middle of the day