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Today, I decided I would eat healthy in order to lose weight. Feeling powerful, I threw away all of the icecream in my freezer. An hour later, I picked the icecream carton out of the garbage and ate the entire half-melted carton. FML
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moleSG 6

YDI. If you can't control your cravings that badly, then you need to throw it away and KEEP it away.

Sorry, that is disgusting. I've never heard of anyone who has such a lack of self control.


moleSG 6

YDI. If you can't control your cravings that badly, then you need to throw it away and KEEP it away.

Obviously something wrong in the head there

LOVE THE DRAWING! As for the FML. Well, to be honest, I bet half the people here are just on moral high horses. Is every poster here saying they have never ever binged out on some food in the cupboard or the fridge? Theres not much difference here except the OP rescued the ice cream tub out of the bin. Which, unless the icecream came out and was all over the bin, is not that disgusting. Negative commentors on here are all out to make themselves feel better by projecting there own insecurities on everybody else. FML is meant to be a lighthearted site and people that throw insults towards the OP for a moment of weakness should take a good long look at themselves and realise how hurtful they could be. Anyway. ^^

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This isn't really an FML, it's more like a failed intervention. I've seen way worse FML's. OP's fat, and need's to know. And the drawing is good, it's just all the drawing's here on FML suck, and ruin the FML.

I agree with you wholeheartedly #141! FML needs more users like you.

Well... Next time, buy some frozen yogurt, fat free ice cream, or fruit sorbet. Low in fat, very yummy, and satisfies the ice cream craving. Also, Angel Food cake is low in fat, and with a low fat whipped cream and fresh strawberries makes an excellent dessert. You're doing better than me... I made plans to go to the gym, and i can't even find the will to put pants on. But that's more because I have no muscle, rather than being unhealthy... and I'm only worried about that because I'm learning to skydive, and don't have the muscle to flare my parachute. BUT, either way, I have faith in you're ability to be healthy!

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people that clicked YDI aren't necessarily on a high horse, it's just that the OP chose to try and lose weight so threw out their ice cream, and then only an hour later caved and fished it out of the garbage. sure i've had moments where i realized a bad habit i thought i could break easily is a LOT harder than i thought, but i don't post the stories of my failures on a website that thousands of people read just to make fun of other people every day. -- and P.S. why would you click FYL?? it's not even a bad FML and whether we've done something like that or not doesn't even matter because it's still their fault and therefor a YDI

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i agree, that's just disgusting

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yea k thx tips (#1) like we didn't no tht?

paluzzi 0 sentence will do not a life story thx

paluzzi 0

if ur gonna put 3 words, don't say anything 227

#141 ikaite. YOU ROCK!! we really do need more users with common sense like you!

I'd just like to point out that paluzzi that one of your own comments consisted of just three words. And besides that all of your comments were pointless and contributed nothing original.

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#141 some people actually think taking food out of the trash and eating it is disgusting I don't know what you do at home but the normal people on here don't do that

Agreed 141. I'm disappointed in the lack of empathy from posters. Anyone who's struggled through diet and exercise should be able to relate to some form of relapse. It was a loss of control, but it would've been a worse decision to buy more junk. There's always somewhere to start. Hope this episode inspires the change you're aiming for. PS. PLEASE SHUT UP Pizza- Paulie. I'm sorry you need so much attention.

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Wow that is disgusting You have some serious problems. I feel some serious loathing for you right now. Self control, ever hear of it?

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I dont see how its disgusting if it was still in the carton indeed it is sad but obviously OP cant control her cravings and needs to seek help or learn to get stronger will power but still...cut her some slack

I would disagree, i think just the concept of going back to pick it out after it was half melted is disgusting.

Loathing? Really? I can understand if you don't approve, but going as far as loathing her for this? Why make it your problem?

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nice pic #144...I remember when I thought dragons were cool

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who puts a pic of kanye west! #138

Get a life paluzzi apparently your not MATURE enough to handle FML, and you're waaaay older than me.

It is disgusting to eat the entire carton

I have to agree, it's one thing to cave and eat it from the freezer but to pull it out of the trash REGARDLESS of wether it opened or not is just foul. If your craving it that badly go to the store don't pull it out of the damn garbage!

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You're a freaking retard. This website is called FML, not comment on commenters.

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ew. food counseling might be a good idea

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damn u fatass!!! YDDI. you definitely deserved it

Sorry, that is disgusting. I've never heard of anyone who has such a lack of self control.

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Ouch. i would buy a scale to remind yourself...

you REALLY need to work on your self control. badly. that is just a disgusting level to sink to, so instead of fml-ing about, go fix your life.

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That is not a FML, that is JPP--just plain pathetic!

You sound morbidly obese. You deserve it for having no control. If it's that much of a problem, see a doctor, seriously.

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