By kumbuck3t15 - 29/07/2012 20:20 - Mexico - Distrito Federal

Today, I decided I need to get a life. I reached this epiphany when I failed to take notice of my friend calling me, until he started calling out my Xbox gamertag. FML
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Definitely not a good way to show people you have a life.

"Jerry! Hey, Jerry! Hey! JERRY. Kumbuck3t15!" "What?"


Definitely not a good way to show people you have a life.

"Jerry! Hey, Jerry! Hey! JERRY. Kumbuck3t15!" "What?"

7 - LOL, it's like a street nickname, but for people with no lives !

Not everyone with Xbox Live has no life btw.

lets look at the bright side... at lest you have friends at all

When people you don't know start calling you out by your gt then you have to worry.

This is why my gamer tag is the same thing as my full name lol

Who makes a gamer tag with the name cumbucket15?

zombiebombatron 6

Well my gamertag is ZombieBombatron and once everyone finds out how to pronounce it, they can't help but call me that in person...(': ******* lovely. Cause Ally is too mainstream, right? -__-

Umm that's not really a good idea in my opinion.

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I don't think he's trying to change his identity

HowAreYouToday 34

At job interview "I'm dragonslayer34" "next"

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You need to get a life? This saying only works in English.

17- I think that 3 was using the French version of the website, and the saying "I need to get a life" does not translate too well ^^

50 - if the saying doesn't work in French then why did someone who speaks French use it?

dominic1221 6

Cause they posted it on FML, and FML is an English language site. OP's from Mexico, anyway. #3 is just a retarded dumb-shit.

Oh, I get it. I was thinking someone posted it on the French version of the site. Nvm. This thread is stupid anyway.

Vie De Merde literally means Shit Life in French. The more you know...

I think that was a great sign to get you to realize you needed a life.

4- So does OP..... That's what the FML is all about....

...**** my ass? No thank you, sir. I do approve of your username, though.

Problem: You have Xbox. Solution: Buy PS3

nice comment. but honestly screw ps3 :P

Don't see the point in why everyone fights over which system sucks an which one don't they both do the same thing anyway

Xbox has a better online system but you have to pay. Xbox has sold more consoles so more people play online. New Xbox 360 isn't as good as old Xbox 360 elite.

Why? So he can get his online shut down for two months?

PS3 is insecure man they get hacked like every year and people get there money stolen from hackers hacking psn then getting all your Paying info. Xbox u pay more yes but it's more secure than loosing all ur money to a hacker

45, I don't know why you got thumbed down. You make a valid point. Paying Microsoft for their services makes them more likely to spend more time and resources on a more secure online system. Also, it is true that PS3 gets hacked more.

CoolRainbowdash 15

I have a PS3,and when I get to the topics of console wars I think PS3 is better.It can play Blu ray disc.and it's a lot faster....

I don't see how that would help him get a life.

CoolRainbowdash 15

And also people have there own opinion.

I wonder if your gamer tag its something like "beaverbeater285" Cus i see a lot of those.

DarthCory 7

Those funny little creatures are called "virgins", I believe.

DarthCory 7

Either that, or we're dealing with a potential serial killer who's just starting out with beavers and the like. Next comes baby seals.

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That's because default gamertags that they suggest are always two randomass words with a random number at the end

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You know its time to sell your xbox when...

Shoulda never bought Xbox in the first place xD

borkchop1992 15

Xbox games>ps3 Ps3 graphics

GhostlyGhoulish 1

You are the embodiment of an idiot.

It is never the time to sell an xbox. Ever.

borkchop1992 15

My comment was a reply to somebody else whose comment was removed making mine look really dumb

It's better than being called kumbuck3t in prison. Don't drop the soap.

Agh, you forgot the 15. That's the best part. It's sets him apart from all the other little kumbuck3ts.

You have a life. This is it. Your problem is wishing for something that you already have.

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I think he was saying that OP's life IS his electronics and maybe he should just embrace it. Don't quote me; that's just how I took it.

My name here is my Xbox name, and I came up with it because everyone calls me Greenie. Look me up.

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No bf3 i think i would rather play FML right now since i am already there.

111, your pic goes perfectly with your comment: I literally read it starting with "bitch please!" by the way... you wouldn't happen to know... WHEN DOES THE NARWHAL BACON? and if you do, how did you escape!?!

119, your comment may very well be the most irrelevant comment in the history of this website. I award you a thumbs-down.