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Today, at college, I finally talked myself into confessing my feelings to a girl I really like. Her response was to threaten to sue me. For what, exactly? I have no goddamned idea. I just don't understand people anymore. FML
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I've seen many reactions to someone confessing feelings, but never a threat to sue O_o

Counter sue her for emotional distress?


I've seen many reactions to someone confessing feelings, but never a threat to sue O_o

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I'm going to sue you for utilizing logic.

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You should sue her for trying to sue you

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#22 Might I suggest you removing that stick from your ass?

After this little aside... Maybe OP expressed his feelings using hand motions and slight petting? That's always the best way to show feelings after all...

If that was her response she's clearly not as good of a person as you perceived her to be. Just consider it a blessing you found out before having an actual relationship with her.

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The sad part is that if she really wanted to she could, not that it would do much more than waste everyone's time and money. I remember going to New York years back, as I was getting in a friends car some kid walked in front of the car and just stood there saying hit me and I'll sue, my buddy told me that this kid was serious and his parents were 10 feet away watching. After about 10 mins sitting there they (the kid and his family) finally gave up and walked to another car saying the same thing. Some people will do anything for a life long free ride.

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I will sue you all for writing too much crap around here ;)

I'm thinking she probably meant she would press charges if OP didn't leave her alone. Obviously doesn't understand the difference between suing someone and pressing charges.

Every woman on this planet is crazy in some way it's a lesson we all have to learn the hard way

I actually think OP should tell her to follow through with suing him. He'd win and who knows, he might be lucky enough to get by university using the money he won.

How in the hell would he get money from that? Her case won't hold (obviously) but it's not like the judge will reward financial compensation for his troubles. If anything he'll lose money from hiring a lawyer

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#66 - 59 is probably referring to the British system - where the winner takes it all, and the loser pays the winners legal fees. OP could sue for defamation or emotional trauma, just saying.

I am pretty sure she would just be wasting her money, so tell her to go for it. She seems a little dramatic, so at least you avoided that. Good luck in finding a better girl, shouldn't be that hard. :)

Counter sue her for emotional distress?

Good thinking! OP will never be able to approach a woman because of this psycho bitch.

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Right, my patience with this stereotypical label has all but vanished. Please ATTEMPT to comment using more than two brain cells at a time. Thanks...

get over yourself welshite, we all know how to spell america, its called a joke... if you dont like it, then dont laugh, no reason to get all butthurt about it

More than two? I don't think I have that many. Well, time to hit the road then.

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29: That's not even what Welshite was ranting about. At all. Not once did they refer to their spelling being the reason their comment was so stupid. So, in the words that were just spoken, "please ATTEMPT to comment using more than two brain cells at a time".

34- Except, um, that IS what she's ranting about. "Might I suggest a remedial English course?" From an earlier comment. She's upset at the "label" of 'Murica. Kindly refrain from insulting others, please.

34- Yes, he was commenting about spelling or something else incredibly hard-up. You would know that if you'd read his reply to the first comment. And welshite- Maybe try taking some of your own advice? "'Murica" is a joke from iFunny (another popular website for people with a sense of humor... I wouldn't recomend it to you considering you don't have one). If you don't get a joke, that's okay. Just realize that you do not know everything and get the **** over yourself. Nuff said

Although, mangoboy's comment is really lame. Just sayin' lol

You may have come on a little strong. Who knows what she could sue you for though.

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Coming on too strong can be a sexual harassment law suit in a heartbeat

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Hmmmm I wanna say I'm sorry OP but consider yourself lucky. Crazy usually doesn't express itself until you're already roped in.

Funny how good they are at playing normal in the beginning. Then they get comfy and the wild ride begins!

Maybe you came on too strong and stalkerish.

"I've been watching you from afar" is cute but "I've been watching you for months" is kinda creepy.

America, home of the brave and land of the lawsuits..

So that's what that crinkling noise was... Apparently, they've papered the streets with lawsuits. I applaud their efforts, but what a horribly inefficient way to recycle.

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who crawled up your ass and died?

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It's just the American thing to do.... "They said hi. MOM CALL PEOPLE'S COURT!"

Love your pic, username, and bio- I freakon' love friends :D