By TheL1nds - 26/05/2012 09:17 - Australia - Kingswood

Today, I checked my fake Facebook account for the first time in ages and realized that the fake me got more birthday greetings than the real me. FML
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I've never understood why people make a fake account.

Well fake people do tend to have more friends nowadays


I've never understood why people make a fake account.

They do it because they're annoying and idiotic. I like cake.

You should become good friends with the fake you. Then maybe you can become friends with his friends.

I dunno, if it was like a parody account (a friend of mine once made Ara Gorn) then fair enough, it's quite funny. If, however, it was a fake account of just a regular person, then it's just a bit sad really.

bitter3ulogy 0

They make fake accounts to send themselves game requests maybe?

They don't have a lot of self confidence so they use someone else's identity so they can be praised for "their" good looks.

guckylynn 19

I know a lot of people who have fake accounts for game requests. I guess it's easier than bugging real people who get annoyed with all the requests.

44- I once saw "like if your under 5'11" seriously how many people are over that

50, that's the point...

My best friend is 6'1". She's 16.

ChrisTheCalm 9

24, I'm sure this person wont be comfortable in a straightjacket.

Michael_92 20

YDI just for having a fake account.

Yea Read the terms of agreement asshole.

10 - Watch out, we got a badass over here.

Watch out we got a smart ass over here!

10- Who the HELL reads the terms of agreement??

I don't even think the lawyers do. I just agree and hope for the best

ChrisTheCalm 9

77, yeah I tried that with life once..

Did you make yourself more likable on that Facebook?

The fact that you made a fake face book account proves that you deserve any issues that involves that

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i just want to say i love your pic

Maybe OP was pretending to be some celebrity. So he probably had lots of "fans" wishing him a Happy Birthday.

I thumbed up because of the pic!

42- I (like many others) thumbed you down because that's dumb.

Angelwings31 4

Try to make more friends and be more social OP

But seriously, just the fact that you made a fake account on Facebook proves that you deserved anything that involves it

Angelwings31 4

Some people tend to be extremely insecure about themselves and sometimes they need to build confidence but then again you don't know OP's circumstances.

UltimateGIRness 16

What's the point in a fake account

Michael_92 20

So you can have more fake friends.

_lilla_valora_ 7

usually they make fake accounts for games and other things like that so their actual facebook doesnt get all the game notifications ...

I'll be honest (Idc if you guys thumb me down for this), but I have a fake Facebook account just to screw around and scam other people. Fake name and everything lol but I haven't been on it in a long time either

When I was younger and stupider than now, I made one because my boyfriend wouldn't add the real me and I wanted to see what was going on in his profile. Very stupid and immature of me.

bluekid7 5

To be an attention *****

I thought about doing that too to see if my (now ex) husband was cheating on me. I set up the fake account, but ended up not finishing the profile or following through with my plan. I don't think you were stupid or immature. You had doubts and wanted to find out if they were justified.

Whatever happened to talking to your partner to resolve trust issues?

Tried that. Talking to someone you don't trust about trust issues doesn't help. "Hey, I've noticed you go out all night every night and deliberately ignore my calls and pay no attention to me any more. What's up with that?" "Don't worry about that, baby. You know I love you." Yeah. Not comforting.

Trolling, spying, etc.

#53 It might not get you a confession, but if you don't trust your partner and talking doesn't fix it that is when you break up with them. I'd never spy on my partner or even consider doing so. If I didn't trust him I wouldn't be with him.

53 - Of course isn't comforting. Not getting straight answers is when you break it off. That's what talking is for!

Well fake people do tend to have more friends nowadays

I am blinded by the trueness of your comment. I like cake.

26- You don't have to say you like cake every single time you comment, we get the point, cake is delicious and you like it!

Edit, this was meant as a reply to #7 I have a fake account because half the websites you go to these days have a sign in with Facebook account, or you can only join if you have Facebook or Twitter. They then say they will then have access to you newsfeed and friends lists. Also I don't want everyone knowing what article I have read and other things. I just want to be able to keep up with family and friends, not share every website I go to. It's just easier than trying to get the privacy settings right. What I can't understand is why I get friend requests for that account. I just have a drawing I did as the picture, but there is nothing interesting about it.

twinny_sc 13

There is no purpose of a fake account YDI OP.

This fake account thing seems useless. YDI. But I also think Facebook is a waste of time anyways. So I'm kinda biased.

The fact that you have a "fake me" means you deserve it

You're face is fake. Do you deserve it?

You know a birthday also means you're one year closer to being old

You know dropping something also means that you'll have to pick it up. You sir, are the captain of obviousness.

Captain Obvious, he’s our hero! Gonna take discovery down to zero With his sidekick, Blatant Girl He’ll take down Baron Von Subtle! Captain Obvious, Sir Amazing! He will point out just about anything Hey look, coz he’s over there! And he happens to be breathing air! He says what we know And you can do that too Coz stating the facts is the thing to do Giving obscure hints Is not the way Hear what Captain Obvious has to say!

KiddNYC1O 20

Also one year more to be grateful for actually getting there.

Sometimes people make funny facebook accounts, but making one and not using it is stupid.