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Today, I caught my mom using my toothbrush and washcloth again, despite her having both her own bathroom and supplies. I asked her to please not use mine, to which she called me an ungrateful bitch. My dad agreed. Yet they wonder why I've been desperately saving money to move out. FML
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By  JenRae93  |  13

Get new bathroom supplies and hide them in your room or something....I know it doesn't solve the verbal abuse but at least you know you'll have unused things until you can afford to move out.

By  kelardy  |  11

This is when you go out buy a second toothbrush and washcloth of the same color (If you can, else buy 2 of the same and say it was time for new ones) Use the new one you leave in the bathroom on the toilet and find a way to leave a brown stain on the wash cloth. Then take the other set you actually use and make a spot for them in your bedroom were your parents wouldn't easily find them. On the plus side if the toothbrush is in your bedroom instead of the bathroom, it won't get covered in fecal matter when the toilet is flushed

By  N7Com  |  7

Join the military. branches like the navy can get you ahead in life. Just because it's the military doesn't mean you will be in combat. They have nurses, radiologists, hospitals, mechanics, and many other jobs that avoid combat deployments. You want to get out of your situation do that.. that's what I did and I don't regret it for a second