By Deadpool - United States - Weaverville
Today, it appears that the cousin who burglarized my house and threatened to kill my wife, daughter and I during a meth binge is more welcome at a family reunion than we are. We were assured last year by family that this wouldn't happen, because we are "good people who have wronged no one." FML
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  evilplatypus  |  38

You sound like an idjit.

“Both burglary and burglar date to the 16th century (our earliest evidence for the pair dates to 1523 and 1540, respectively). It wasn't until 300 or so years later that a need for an obviously related verb was felt compellingly enough to give rise to the options we possess today. (The more general rob had been doing the job in the interim.) Burglarize is the older of the two, by a few decades. The earliest known example of the word appears in an 1840 essay entitled "Steeple-Chasing in Ireland," by an Irish fellow writing under the pen name Shamrock, and published in The Sporting Review:

“In this dilemma there were but two resources open to the infuriated stewards,—one to carry the key vi et armis; the other, to burglarize the cellar.

“Our earliest evidence of burgle is from 27 years later, in The Hartford (Connecticut) Daily Courant, 15 Oct. 1867:

“The store of Elihu Potter of Noauk was burgled, Friday night, of articles of small value.”