By SingleSara. - Canada
Today, I found out my sister has a new boyfriend. That would have been helpful to know 3 hours ago before I told her boyfriend, who is also my best friend, that I loved him. His response? "HAHAHA! Good one! Oh Seriously? Shit." FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Why did you answer "Yes" to his "Seriously?" question? After he laughed and said "Good one" you should've laughed along. Oh, well. Too late for that now. Nothing left to do but be a mature person and tell them you're happy for them.


The boyfriend of her sister is the OP's friend.

She confessed her love to her FRIEND, and she only found out a few hours later that he's hooked up with her sister, which is why he responded the way he did.

By  AmberBerry  |  0

I'd really hate it if that happened to me! Sometimes you have to think about how you'd feel if you were OP... Ooh that's making me sad! Hope you work things out!