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Today, I joked with a pregnant girl in a state juvenile correctional facility where I work that eating a lot of candy would damage the unborn baby's teeth. Without batting an eye, she responded that she would simply "eat some toothpaste after the candy." FML
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polluxdc tells us more.

OP here. Yeah, I was joking, they aren't always the most sophisticated of jokes, but it gives one a sense of where the kid may or may not be coming from. The kid, unfortunately, was not joking, and I had to explain a few things to her. Thanx for the comments. For those of you who said stop joking around and do your'd be a mighty dreary place if there was no humor (lame as it may or may not be). It IS a portion of our job. This post was mostly meant as a, "f" all our lives if this is what the future holds.


Should've told her mouthwash works better >.>

And here I thought Orange is the New Black exaggerated the stupidity

well she is locked up and pregnant so she can't be too smart.

Let us pray that the child does not abhor the taste of peppermint.

Let us pray she learns how to properly take care of a child.

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Let us pray that she learns how to properly take care of herself.

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Let us pray that she properly learns how to take care of her teeth.

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Let's pray that she has any teeth

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^ Somebody always has to screw up a good thread.

Wouldn't eating toothpaste harm the baby in itself? FTbaby'sL

47 that made my day and I bet #3 didnt even get it

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There is such a thing as a stupid question and you miss won the award for it.

I have a horrible feeling she was. A lot of the kids getting knocked up these days are extremely uh, dumb.

OP was joking, so I guess the pregnant girl was joking too? I'd hope she was joking.

Op said "without batting an eye" sounds pretty serious to me.

or she's quick to think of a sarcastic answer?

Well if she was caught to be put into a correctional facility, you know she isn't going to be the smartest

Eating toothpaste. Now that's a fresh idea.

Tell her that eating toothpaste would also damage the unborn baby's teeth. She'll probably propose another solution and you can see how far the chain goes!

Or they can do their job and help, instead of playing a game with a child's life...?

Wow...I think it might be called..ummm. oh yeah, humor, that's what it is! Do you think any part of the FML was serious?

Let's hope she's giving the kid up for adoption. But a pregnant gal in juvie--you know she isn't going to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

so judgemental! you dont know enough about her tojudge that she wont be a good mum

Hate to be cynical, but she probably won't. She considered eating toothpaste!

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18 - The woman said she would eat toothpaste. How is that a sign of a good mother?

If it had been a joke then it wouldn't be an FML...besides, no-one said she doesn't have the potential to still become an adequate mum. They just said she's not going to be the smartest a mum could be...

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18, she's in juvie. Do you really expect her to be a good mother, toothpaste or not? She may have been involved in drug or theft related activities. I don't think her comment was a joke. She was admitting that she does not care what happens to the child. Babies don't need those kinds of people in their life. 10's got it right with the adoption route.

Although it seems she's not very smart, it's unfair to stereotype all kids in juvie as stupid. Some of them are actually incredibly smart.

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She probably is if you think of it in another way. It's just a way to rebut OP's uncanny comment on her harmless candy-eating enjoyment

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Jesus, why are you people so judgemental? Being in Juvie doesn't mean they're bad. I got sent there for defending myself when my mother was beating me!

Sounds like a joke/smartass reply to the OPs joke if you ask me. Why is an FML?