By polluxdc - United States - Portland
Today, I joked with a pregnant girl in a state juvenile correctional facility where I work that eating a lot of candy would damage the unborn baby's teeth. Without batting an eye, she responded that she would simply "eat some toothpaste after the candy." FML
polluxdc tells us more :
OP here. Yeah, I was joking, they aren't always the most sophisticated of jokes, but it gives one a sense of where the kid may or may not be coming from. The kid, unfortunately, was not joking, and I had to explain a few things to her. Thanx for the comments. For those of you who said stop joking around and do your'd be a mighty dreary place if there was no humor (lame as it may or may not be). It IS a portion of our job. This post was mostly meant as a, "f" all our lives if this is what the future holds.
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By  Mauskau  |  35

Wouldn't eating toothpaste harm the baby in itself? FTbaby'sL

By  jerryj  |  27

Tell her that eating toothpaste would also damage the unborn baby's teeth. She'll probably propose another solution and you can see how far the chain goes!

  doodlecloud  |  26

If it had been a joke then it wouldn't be an FML...besides, no-one said she doesn't have the potential to still become an adequate mum. They just said she's not going to be the smartest a mum could be...

  bethers_  |  22

18, she's in juvie. Do you really expect her to be a good mother, toothpaste or not? She may have been involved in drug or theft related activities. I don't think her comment was a joke. She was admitting that she does not care what happens to the child. Babies don't need those kinds of people in their life. 10's got it right with the adoption route.