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Today, after swallowing my birth control pill, I threw up all over myself. I then had to search through my puke to find my birth control pill and attempt to re-take it. FML
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Hey, Im the OP. It is extremely important that you take the pills in order and you CANNOT skip a pill! If you do your hormones can get all wacky and if youre sexually active, you can get pregnant. You only have a set amount of pills in the pack and they dont give any extras.

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As a male, I can't claim I know a whole lot about birth control pills... but is it really that detrimental to the cycle to just grab a new pill?

You didn't think to maybe take the next pill in the pack instead?


Ugh. I don't even like the thought of having to do that! Sorry OP.

Wow okay so maybe I need to go into even more detail because my last few comments werent enough. You would think the females one here would know just a tiny bit about birth control but I guess not. You CANNOT miss a day and you CANNOT just take the next days because then you wont be on track for the days and your hormones will get off. Yes, I could have just not taken the pill that night but then I would have to start a whole nee pack because if you miss one day you have to "double up" the next according to MY birth control instructions. No i am not pregnant, I was just not feeling well. You would think there would be a lot more pregnant women based on some of these ridiculous comments from women. It is important to know about your birth control before hand. I know that i cant miss a day so i reached into my "puke" (it was just water and my stomach acid, not food) and re-took it. Some of the women in these comments should be very careful because i see a pregnancy due to idiocy in their near future.

OP, I absolutely hate the Pill for that reason, look into a different method? I got a IUD and after the initial shittyness it is wonderful, and thought free, and it lasts for 5 years! Oh and the one I'm on has the added bennifit of NO PERIODS WOOOOHOOO!!!

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according to my birth control, you should ALWAYS have a spare pack, in case something like this happens.

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That and if you doubled up it can make you even more nauseous and if OP is that sensitive to one pill taking two will be way worse

OP have you been given the pill for any other reason other than birth control? Just a thought, you've stated you are a virgin so there must be something to do with hormones or regulating periods (I'm presuming). I've been on the pill for 7 years myself and say I missed a Monday, on the Tuesday I would take both Monday and Tuesday pills. I take the pill so I don't fall pregnant but also to calm down my period pains so if I miss a day I just have to be a bit more careful sexually. There are types of pill out there that although they are birth control they're used to regulate hormones and it's those that are vital to keep taking (not that other types aren't, it's just not a life threatening as you've made it sound should one be missed or taken more than 12 hours after your usual time!) :)

You are a woman, you threw up so obviously you are pregnant. Face palm. It's actually quite scary how many women on this comment thread do not understand birth control properly, this is why it should be taught in schools

im not sensitive to the pill i have been taking it for months i just didnt feel good that day.

ok um noooo OP. MOST birth control pills, the ones you take every day are the EXACT SAME PiLL, except the DIFFERENT COLORED ONES, which are iron or placebo. no. you cant miss a day. but moooost birth control pills it would have been fine to take the next days pill

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@158 Clearly she has a different kind of birth control. Not all birth control pills are the same. I was on one that only gave me a period every three months and if I misses one day I would end up having a period and screw up the whole cycle. Also OP didn't once suggest that the pills in the pack were different. Don't know where you're getting that from.

Hi OP. I know it's too late now, but if this ever happens again, you don't have to retake your puked up pill (yuck). Just take the next pill in the pack right away and continue as normal. When you get to the 7 sugar pills at the end of the pack, throw it out and start a pack. You won't have a period that month (because you won't have a hormone free week), but you also won't be at risk for pregnancy.

wow, that's pretty insensitive OP... I was on birth control for years, and took a variety of types. Most of them said that if you missed a dose to take it as soon as you remember, unless it was almost time for your next dose, then skip it. I never had one tell me to "double up" most specifically said NOT to. Not implying yours doesn't, just that you can't assume what is true for yours is true for all. Also, the pills for each week contain the same ammount of hormones, so taking the next days pill or a pill from the same week from your next pack would have been fine, and then you could have gotten advice from your doctor. If it was really really that important that you not miss even one pill, then I'm sure he could have advised you on where to get a replacement. Im pretty sure he would have told you it was fine if it happened very very occasionally. Especially if you have been taking it for a while.

I would much rather explore my own vomit than that of the infant stemming from skipped birth control! Sorry you had to do that OP...

Love this. "Wow the females should know more about their pills." nonsense. I know about my pills, my doctor says to take them the same time each day, and not to miss one. BUT the pills are the same dose day to day. I actually lost a few, one to the toilet (dropped the damn thing), one to the sink, to the trash, and used the next one in the set. If you ACTUALLY knew about pills you would know the dosage doesn't change, except for the iron pills at the end. If your doctor told you that YOUR pills are different day to day dosages that is one thing, but don't sift through your vomit, and tell me I'm stupid. Thanks.

Still absolutely disgusting pretty sure you got more of a problem, it wouldn't kill ya to go without lol talk to your doctor pretty sure they would say gross and ya not that big of a deal to miss 1 just so gross

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OP Depo-provera is the way to go if you ever decide to switch so that doesn't happen again. No pills. One shot every 3 months and nothing shoved in your cervix (ouch). If you get the shot right above your butt you don't even feel a pinch. Eventually you don't even get period! How awesome is that?

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Wow. "You are a woman and you threw up so you're obviously pregnant" -- that comment is soooo ridiculous it's not even funny. Assuming just because she's female and threw up then she is pregnant? Really? Lol. I guess anytime a girl throws up they MUST be pregnant. Can't be sick or anything. Must be pregnant. Hey girls if you throw up then you are pregnant!! No need for a pregnancy test if you throw up because then you know you're pregnant since #145 says so. Honestly that has to be the most idiotic comment I have ever seen. So wow, much dumb. *sigh* I really hope that was a joke. Please tell me that was a joke? :(

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If it was a joke because people keep saying she is pregnant then my above comment is meant for those people. Not you. :) And I apologize. If not..well..that was dumb and my comment applies to you and all who assume she is pregnant. Lol.

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It literally says in the pack if you miss one take the next 😂 I miss them all the time never go crazy never have gotten pregnant....if you miss two or more you toss the current pack and start a new imagine what that can do to yourself hormones/period 🤦🏽‍♀️

That sucks maybe you need a different birth control

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I threw up a lot when I was on the pill. If I didn't eat enough before I took it or if I didn't eat enough. Depo worked great minus the small(10ish lb) weight gain

if you didn't eat enough before you took it or if you didnt eat enough?

I did not just gain 10lbs. add one more 0 and That's What I gained while on depo. and it made me very ill. now I have a merana iud and love it. NO PERIODS WOOOOT.

At least I'm not the only who who gained a shit ton of weight. I can't even work out anymore because I'm so worn out from it.

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The depo didn't work at all for me I spotted for 3 months. Higher doses or hormones in certain pills can cause nausea I take a lower dose now because I had that problem so number 2 has a valid point

I agree with 2. I don't know if you get nauseous a lot, but when I was taking birth control pills (I tried a few) I would get super nauseous in the mornings and sometimes puke. That's when they switched me to Depo-Provera because it's missing one of the hormones that was making me sick. I give myself an injection every 3 months and I don't get my periods. Op, if you get nauseous a lot it could be from the type of pill you're on and you may want to switch if it's an ongoing issue.

littleteapot 21

lmao sorry I wasn't really paying attention when I typed that. I was going for "if I didn't eat enough or if I ate too much"

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I spotted for well over a year on Depo but now I don't get a period or spotting. It doesn't usually take that long for most people but I was one of the "unlucky" ones. They were pretty surprised I spotted so long and actually wanted me to take pills along with the Depo but I never did. It was actually closer to two years that I spotted but it beats a period by far. I love Depo. I forget to take pills too much. I never gained any weight from Depo. I actually lost weight on it. They were surprised by that also. I can't stand the thought of getting something shoved in my cervix. So I chose Depo. Everyone is different and certain birth controls work better for certain people.

As a male, I can't claim I know a whole lot about birth control pills... but is it really that detrimental to the cycle to just grab a new pill?

Actually its highly important to not skip a pill because the additive effects off all the pills will increase a girl's estrogen/progesterone levels so that ovulation doesn't occur. TL DR: Don't skip one

Possibly depends on the pill. I know mine are all exactly the same, I take them from all over the packet.

It depends on the pill, but it is actually very important in this case not to lose or skip a pill. If that happens, that can throw off her whole cycle.

Yes and no. The pill must be taken consecutively everyday for a minimum of 7 days to be effective. If she missed it/skipped a pill they would no longer be effective until she continued to take them for another consecutive seven days. However, I agree that she could have taken the next day or almost any day to continue protection and it would not be detrimental to her. Her cycle might be off by a day but she would at least be protected.

Grabbing a new pill is fine as long as its the same type (either the active or inactive section). I seriously would have recommended doing this and just forgetting the pill in the puke as its plain disgusting and it would have been affected by the tummy acid. Then just continuing on with the tray in the packet. Sure it would've given op their period one day early (or not do anything at all if they're skipping it altogether) but its not going to change anything in the long term. This is all from someone also on the pill and has done similar a couple of times over the years

Yes because they only have enough for your cycle, there are not any bonus ones, you run out of them and if you where one short then you end up missing that one at the end. However, I probobly would have given up on the one I vomited up in favor of calling my doctor because they likely would have a solution to this.

Hey, Im the OP. It is extremely important that you take the pills in order and you CANNOT skip a pill! If you do your hormones can get all wacky and if youre sexually active, you can get pregnant. You only have a set amount of pills in the pack and they dont give any extras.

Yeah, I wouldn't have rifled through my vomit just so I wouldn't miss a pill. You probably would've been better off calling your doctor and asking for advice. They probably would have told you to just take the next day's pill and then skip the last pill of the cycle (the last week of pills don't have any active ingredients so this would probably work fine). And if you were still really concerned, just use condoms as a backup.

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Well, hey, at least you can change your profile description now!

Yeah but OP as you said in a different post, you're a virgin. You can miss one. You won't get pregnant and your hormones really don't go that crazy when you miss one day.

I don't know about other types of pill, but mine specifies the days on the packet. Yeah they're all the same, but if I took the next day's one it would make all the days on the packet off by one and confuse me into thinking I'd already taken the pill for that day, making me more likely to skip one by accident.

I wasnt really thinking that. my first reaction was to quickly retake the pill! I wasnt feeling well all day so i wasnt eating. my"puke" was just water i took with the pill mixed with stomach acid so it wasnt as bad as it could have been

Some packs have a week that have nothing in them and some are only 3 weeks all of them with active ingredients. Depending on dosage, type and sexual activity you might be ok missing one but its never recommended. Some women will just get a plan B pill if they miss a day of their birthcontrol, but thats basically a full weeks dosage of birthcontrol in one pill.

You can call your dr and have them send a note the the pharmacy to get a free pack if you run out of pills too early! Your dr would totally understand!

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Actually, it won't do anything if you miss a single pill. You should read the information that comes with the pill. What you did was wholly unnecessary.

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I'm sorry that happened OP but you might ask about a different kind of pill if it's all that convaluded mine are fine if I lose a pill while taking it and just take the next one in the pack I just get my period a day earlier and I have some super messed up hormones in general and it doesn't throw them off

#74 I would rather run the risk of accidentally skipping a day than dig through my own vomit to find one. I've often skipped my pill over the last seven years, which is for specific days (not advisable I agree, but I'm a forgetful person), and I'm yet to fall pregnant or turn into a female hulk.

I've had mine drop on the floor and I had to look for it, I don't completely understand the whole going through your own throw up but I do understand having to look for it Dx

Maybe you should ask. My doctor gave me a spare pack for cases like that.

#93 #104 If you read OP cannot miss a pill and must be in order. I'm a dude who don't need no birth control, and I understand perfectly fine.

#93 not necessarily. I am on a bc pill where I have to take it at the exact time every day. If I am off by even one hour it will be ineffective. Also, if I miss even ONE day I will get my period and therefore messing up the way the birth control works. Don't assume.

That's because, as someone who's been on a large amount of birth control pills to find the right one, there are virtually no pills where it is as LIFE THREATENING to miss a pill as some people have made out. It's not ideal, sure, but if you read the leaflets that come with these pills they tell you what to do if this happens.

#118 I understand that OP cannot ordinarily miss a pill perfectly fine. No birth control will kill you or ruin your life if you skip one. OP is a virgin - therefore she will not get pregnant by missing a pill. And I would take having a period over eating a partially digested, vomit covered pill any day.

As far as i know if its in the first 4 hours after taking the pill you can take the next one without any problems. If you on a monthly cycle you just start the next cycle one day sooner. if you on a longer cycle its not really a problem at all.

93... you're kinda wrong. I have a friend that got pregnant just by missing a single day of her birth control..

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See? 132 and 136 get it. I'm on the pill myself and I've been trained in the medical field. I wasn't "assuming" as you all put it. I know what I'm talking about.

if you miss one you might as well not be taking them at all, but i suppose she could have gotten one from the next day, or the end of the month, and just start her period a day early. ive had to do that before

Use extra protection. Not hard.

wtf there are active ingredients in all pills of birth control they tell the body pregnant than not pregnant not pregnant being the woman's period so yes every pill has active ingredients in them its only a myth about sugar pills for the period

its not a myth. the different color ones are sugar pills and are there for you so that you dont get out of the habit of taking them during your period. ask any pharmacist and they will tell you that you can just throw away the last pills if you dont want to take them

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OP, on my package in the "instructions" it says if you miss a day it's alright but if you miss two in a row then talk to a doctor and/or use a different form of birth control as well for a few weeks. I've dropped mine and couldn't find the pill until the next morning and it says if you can take it even hours later to still take it. I don't know if that's just different brands or what but with mine you can miss a pill and not have a baby.

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If it's a single hormone pill it's very detrimental that not only can you not miss a pill but you have to take it at the same time everyday. Also there are no placebos in these packs so doubling up or taking the next day's would definitely not work out well. :-)

OP, you can skip one or take the next one a day early if something happens to the previous one. So no, you didn't have to take a puke covered pill

I mean you could have just taken the next days pill and then had a day extra bleeding period, so yannoo ydi for not thinking logically

You didn't think to maybe take the next pill in the pack instead?

If she did that, she'd have the wrong day on the strip, so she'd be more likely to forget one later on. She'd also have one short in the end

Take the very last pill then. No getting confused until you get to the very end in which case you need to get more anyway.

That would just screw up the next month and she probably only gets it one month at a time. I'm in that same situation. A lot of women are.

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The last week is just sugar pills so that you will be on your period, if she took that one her period would start early and it would take up to a week for it to stop just to start again very soon because that s when the actual period is

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Doesn't work that way. The pill must be taken at the same time everyday or else it can lose its effectiveness. She would also be short 1 pill so that's a pill she wouldn't have in the future. I switched to the ring after all the amazing amount of bs of the pill.

#75 not all birth control pills have sugar pills in the last week.

Unfortunate as this may seem, do you really think you had to go to such extreme measures to take the pill again? I'm sure a short consultation with your gynecologist on what to do would've been much better than attempting to re-swallow something in your own vomit. I'm sorry, but YDI

(I know you posted before OPs follow-up.) Check OPs comment.

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It's not the end of the world if you miss ONE day.

One missed day can lead to pregnancy. In fact, with some pills, not taking them within the same few hours of each day (between noon and 3 o'clock for example) can mess up the effectiveness of the pill.

And THAT'S how unplanned pregnancies happen 7. Kinda defeats the point of taking pills at all. If you're not protected properly, you're not protected, period.

TaylorWhiteGirl 15

I've been taking birth control for 7 years, never once have I had a pregnancy scare. Sorry, but from personal experience it's definitely not important enough to dig through your own vomit for a pill.

I've been taking the pill for 14 years now, and I've missed quite a few pills in that time. However, no pregnancy scares. That's because we always use condoms. Way easier than taking a puke pill.

#7 - My mom (allegedly) missed one day, and had me as a result. So, yes, it can be a pretty big deal if you skip.

If you're throwing up, maybe you don't need those pills anymore.

ive wasnt feeling well all day and decided to just take my pills and rest. My birth control. has to be taken every single day and I already messed up last month so it would have been extremely annoying to have to start up again.

And lastly, Im not preggers... unless im the next virgin mary its 100% impossible

If you're virgin then you could of skipped and been ok. I'm guessing you're on birth control for medical reasons then but you're right you don't have to worry about getting pregnant so why go through your vomit to find it when pregnancy is not an issue? Next time call your doctor.

Because it can be a hormone issue too. Birth control is for preventing pregnancy AND regulating a woman's body.

I take birth control for my bad periods. It's ok to skip for one day, you just can't do it repeatedly.

Sounds like your pill has been practicing the "pull out" technique. By the sounds of it, your BF might have to start practicing that as well ;P

I can't imagine how it'd be for men when they come out with the male version of the birth control pill..

They actually did, for a time. There is one that scientifically exists, with 20+ years of research behind it. It was scrapped from the market, because guys didn't like the side affects: Weight gain Headaches/ Nausea Decreased libido All things that women can and often do experience as side affects...and doesn't even include sporadic or non-stop bleeding! But women are kinda just expected to take that as a part of life.

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No others have been introduced because men simply aren't responsible enough to take it everyday. They don't get pregnant, so it's not a priority.

It would be fantastic to share the responsibility, I think many men have never even thought about it! I can't grumble though, for me the pill has been a lifesaver since my 'natural' hormonal cycle is a parade of horrors.

Also, if most men can brush their teeth every day, they can take a pill every day. I don't think men are any worse at forming new habits than women! Failing that there could be implants that last 3 years!

There are plenty of non-oral forms of hormonal birthcontrol for women, it seem alittle silly they cant just make a patch for the men that want that option.

I think it would be very beneficial for men to have birth control pills too. That way if they're the type who have one-night stands and/or have a bad habit of getting together with crazy chicks, they can't fall victim to broken condoms (though those should still be worn to prevent STDs) or the type of girls who claim to be on the pill but aren't really. Not to mention (as someone else said) double the protection. It's too bad (if there was indeed one developed) that some people were too short-sighted to look past the side-effects and see the benefits.

someone is taking recycling to an extreme level.

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