By Ghostie - 02/07/2009 09:15 - United States

Today, I was watching a movie with my parents. They were both on the bed, and I was lying on the floor next to their bed. Halfway through the movie, apparently forgetting that I was in the room, my parents started getting friendly. Three feet away from me. FML
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Lindsay46789 0

That is disgusting! Scarred for life!

I think you missed a great opportunity to make them feel ten times as awkward as you. Any comment or sign of disgust would have done.


Lindsay46789 0

That is disgusting! Scarred for life!

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yea definatly scarred for life ouch

MasterModeraor 0

TIME FOR SOME INCEST!!! YDI for watching a **** movie with your parents

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That happened to me before too...I used to sleep in my parents room when I was little, let's just say I stayed awake during the middle of the night. =/

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Today, I decided to get it on with my husband while my son is three feet away from us cause It's HOT.

I wouldve jumped up and been like "holy ****!" then ran out, they'd be sooo embarrased

It's always nice when people are friendly towards one another isn't it ;)

I think you missed a great opportunity to make them feel ten times as awkward as you. Any comment or sign of disgust would have done.

I'm gonna assume he did do something; I really doubt he would have sat through the whole thing without saying anything or them noticing him right there

That's when you jump out from the floor and scream "blaaaarrg!!!" or something... At least you know they love each other?

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i know huh!? ahha agree with #14

MrGlad 0

Today, my parents are still together and happy. FML

Pfft, someone's sounding bitter. I'm sure the OP is glad that they're together and happy. He'd just like them to be a little less 'together' when he's in the same room.

bettyboop_fml 0

omg thats my worst nightmare.

Who cares if they were being friendly. Being nice to someone is not an FML :P

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its not being nice with someone, its your parents, AND SEX. with you watching :D

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Ew I would hate that if that happened to me!!

thats the worst thing to hear , ughh .

Eddie_Collin 0

Worse than, oh, let's see, a serial killer pedophile rapist coming into your room late at night yelling "IMMA GONNA CUM ALLLLL OVER YOU!" while jumping onto your bed and proceeding to follow up with his threat?


Eddie_Collin 0

Oh you do me too much honor, my good fellow! NOW START ******* POSTING FMLs OR I'LL RIP OUT YOUR INTESTINES AND MAKE A NECKLACE OUT OF THEM!

Great that you parents love each other but seriously EW! TMI lol

Watching a movie with your parents in their bedroom...what are you? 6?

Some people actually like spending time with their parents occasionally.

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Ewwwww.. you shoulda jumped up like "PEEKABOOOO!!" I bet they'd be more weirded out than you.. ...And then pour some alcohol in your eyes to try to get that picture out of your head. XD But really, that sucks for you. FYL.