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Today, I got a call from my boyfriend. He was at the police station for breaking into a model home to hook up with the girl he's been cheating on me with for the past 4 months. I was his one phone call. He was expecting me to bail him out. FML
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just leave that retard in jail, hes an idiot for doing it in a model home


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i agree #1 if she bailed him out then she's a dumbass

you would think he'd call the girl that he's cheating with, not the one who hes cheating on. If he's that stupid, just leave his ass in jail. Maybe he was expecting sympathy or something.

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#97 There are three people involved in this FML 1) idiot bf 2) homewrecking **** 3) Girlfriend "She" as in the homewrecking **** is probably in jail with the idiot bf. Therefore, "she" cannot bail him out so he called the next best thing. His GF. Too bad he's an idiot, and i'm pretty sure she said screw you for screwing around. Muahaha.


OMG! Epic fail for that guy,lmao!

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I'm not getting how the wonderful sweet revenge she got on her boyfriend is an FML.

I guess it's FML because he cheated on her. Awesome payback, though.

You should leave him in there and find someone who will treat you with more respect.

agreed with 1. dont bail the douche out. if you did your a total dumbass

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#119 Wow bitter much? U know it's entirely possible she didn't know he had a girlfriend and she's being just as wronged as the girlfriend is. Don't jump to such judgy conclusions

just leave that retard in jail, hes an idiot for doing it in a model home

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you don't have to refer to him as a 'retard'.

Why not? The only reason not to is to avoid using the term in the sense that it can be used in a fashion that seems demeaning to people with mental disabilities. The boyfriend (ex, let's hope) is a grade-A dipshit who doesn't deserve to be respected.

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This guy seems like he may actually be mentally retarded. 1. he broke into a model home just to have sex. 2. & 3. he called the girl he was cheating on to bail him out of jail.

@#7: No one uses the word "retard" to describe people with mental disabilities anymore. It's just used to describe people who do stupid things. For that reason it is not offensive.

as bad as it is, people with iq's under 70 can probably use PCs about now, and definitely have family who do. Retards are also a minority who very likely didn't choose to be how they are (in theory a smart kid who intentionally damages his brain before being 18 is legally considered retarted). If race gender or sexual wiring are not OK to bash, which I dont believe they are, then IQ shouldn't be either. I think "stupid" is considered safe as safe, as well as idiot and moron, have all lost their legal classifications long ago, so use them.

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Wow wtf? I hate political correctness idiots like you. I don't believe that discrimination is right but you are such a pansy. I'd like to punch you in your hipster glasses. Your probably one of those people that's all "omg he called him a retard waaaaaaaaaa you shouldnt say that, take it back, that's not very nice!" In conclusion **** political correctness.

It's not POLITICAL correctness. Go to the Special Olympics and ask them how they feel about people using the word "retard" as an insult. It really offends them.

"RandomDude", I get repulsed when women male bash... Women often get offended by "know your role" lines, minorities get offended when ostracized.

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I just watched Donny darko !! the bunnys creepy

Please tell me you didn't bail his sorry ass out? It'd be great if you actually just laughed at him and hung up the phone.

Agreed. Why is this a FML? He's an asshole and now you're in a position of power over him. Karma sucks, son! LML.

I really, really hope you let his bastard ass rot in jail.

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All I can say is I hope you didn't... as 1 just eloquently put, hah. Still. I mean... jeebus.

Just when I thought people couldn't get any stupider....

We have some goddamn stupid people here in the Midwest, sadly. Just a couple weeks ago, some woman who thought she would save money on cosmetic surgery decided to buy a bottle of silicone off the internet for $10 and inject it into her face at home, rather than go to a qualified professional. The bottle was 100% silicone and read "for external use only". I laughed my ass off when I saw the piece.

You just made my day, my friend! Oh lord.... XD I don't know what's worse...that lady, or the one who injected cooking oil in her face in place of Botox!

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That is nothing compared to what I've read. There was this women in china or Korea who was obsessed with plastic surgery to a point where doctors said enough. Amazingly, she found a doctor that supplied her with silicon and needles so that she could inject her own face at a fraction of the cost. When that ran out, she figure why not use cooking oil, it makes perfect sense. Then doctors had to remove 260 grams of foreign substance out of her body. It kind of makes me wonder there are these kind of people out there. And people wonder why the world is in total chaos.

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Did you hear about the Chinese kid who has been drinking gasoline to gain the powers of a Transformer? He has been doing it for 5 years. He's 14.

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Edit* I ment to say NOT doing what he says

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#9 your an idiot. And i hope you didnt bail his ass out of jail. Trash like that deserves to sit there. I agree with can move on now...

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No, this is more like a 'he deserved it'.

be like "yeah be there in a second" and never show up. then turn into a dragon and fly away... you're freeeeee...