By lolzor - 12/03/2009 12:07 - Australia

Today, I called a priest "lame". He responded jokingly with "God will smite you!" I laughed and walked out the door. I tripped and broke my ankle. FML
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alex_vik 0

You deserved that for calling a priest lame.

HopelesslyHpfl 0

you don't mess with God's followers Haha


alex_vik 0

You deserved that for calling a priest lame.

toothache 0

karmas a bitch isn't it

First of all, you don't deserve that. Secondly, the only reason that the majority of people say that you deserved that is because they don't realize how much BS religion is. Every single one.

HammerBro 5

So, so true.

skullbashd 3

thank you 139

139, declaring you have no god simply states that you worship only yourself.

she called someone lame and broke her ankle. that's hilarious. totally deserved that. doesn't matter if it was a priest or a hobo, still deserved it. but that was some funny coincidence.

moolatte 0

and your problem with that is... I trust myself more than I trust a faceless magical man in the clouds who thinks he's too special for anyone to see.

brightnite 0

People who bash religion are just as ignorant and intolerant as the religious fanatics. Coexist people.

156, So... Lame = a broken ankle. If you tell someone to go f*ck themselves, does that result in something more severe? Your logic is almost nonexistent.

the_enigma1019 1

Preists don't teach karma.

154- Or, get this: It means you dont worship anything.

You don't have to worship anyone!

I said both because he shouldn't be calling people lame. But i don't believe in it either

HopelesslyHpfl 0

you don't mess with God's followers Haha

ya or he will smite u

Definition of lame: ''disabled so that movement, especially walking, is difficult or impossible.'' Whether you vote coincidence or providence, you have to agree that this is deliciously ironic.

Thou hast been smitten!

Hahahahaha....... that's too funny

bwahahahahhhaahaha!!!! oh man i wish i could have seen that.

liveitlearnit 0

i assume it was said jokingly, if he joked back?

hahaha, wow, that sucks. that's something that would happen to me.

lmao karma's a bitch.

RHK_fml 0

HAH! Instant Karma. I lol'd.