By jimmy_morton - 26/01/2016 18:20 - United States

Today, my dad told my girlfriend that she's the son he never had. FML
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célinelisie tells us more.

célinelisie 14

Hey it's the op, My dad loves to embarrass me and challenge my manhood because I'm his only son of 6 kids. He's done this all my life. He used to yell at me on the field during my football games calling me a pussy. He even told my senior drill instructor at my basic combat training graduation ceremony that he hoped my drill sergeant put hit foot up my ass every day that I was there. No I'm not gay. My dad just likes to mess with me. I've gotten used to it and I actually find it funny now.

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Better hurry up and start finishing your food faster than him and peeing around the house to show him you're the dominate male.

Time to man up son


Time to man up son

Better hurry up and start finishing your food faster than him and peeing around the house to show him you're the dominate male.

KhaleesiDannie 26

But then dad's going to have to bang his mom in front of him to get the upper hand once again and who wants to pay for therapy?

cprad11 12

Thank you for your contribution, #25.

we are talking about american dad right? i love that show

and then the kid would have to hire the weirdo living in the attic to help em get laid

A drunk weirdo

Oyas12 14

then. he'd go to mexico to get ugly, dirty sex from border town whores

Yes #41 lol, I was ironically watching that episode when I read this comment haha

#27 two can play at that game

I'm hoping that you're gay?

MrsHaxxo 22

He clearly said girlfriend

I think #3 was thinking Op was female and the dad said that because the girlfriend is the more "man" like of the two. But then again i may be wrong and they might just be stupid

Plus, there's no "man" in a lesbian relationship anyways. I really hate that stereotype.

MrsHaxxo 22

I presumed he is a man because of the name of op :p

Yes there is

Wow. Your dad probably thinks of milk.

PePziNL 20


What does that even mean ಠ_ಠ

Did this make sense in your head?

This comment is so stupid that it's funny?

This comment made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I literally laughed out loud at it, so here's my up vote.

dirty milk drinker rebel scum!

YOUR dad thinks of milk.

My bad. I read it as like dad's "the son she never had"

At least you know he likes her

Op it's a possibility that your father was drunk.

I'll fight the down votes

LalapaloozaChick 14

well at least he likes her.

Time to butch it up ... Maybe less so for the girlfriend. Hope your Dad was joking ... In some bizzare way. Else defo fyl ... Maybe f your girlfriends life more

Get a sugar mama and tell your dad "she's the father I never had"