By Anonymous - 20/1/2021 11:02

Too Much Information

  Today, I found out that my cross-dressing father and my recently deceased mother were having a much more "open" relationship then they'd let on, when the sheriff's department finally gave me mom's phone back. FML
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By  Vesi  |  26

They are adults and chose to live their best life. Who is anyone to judge? Sounds like they were pretty fantastic people in general! =)

  SJKatt  |  10

If the death was suspicious or part of an ongoing investigation (Drugs, or was with someone they're investigating when they died) they will keep the phone to check for information.

By  SJKatt  |  10

As someone with two dead parents who were into some strange stuff; why did you look through her phone??? You had to know there would at least be some titties or dick pics.