By Anonymous - 07/09/2016 03:02 - Canada

Today I was very excited to go to the post office to claim a parcel. I didn't know what it could be, so I assumed it was a gift. It turned out to be a speeding ticket. FML
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Depending on how eager you were to get that parcel, you might've started a never ending loop.


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That's new to me, where I live speeding tickets come in envelopes in letter form.

That's what I was thinking. Sending a parcel is a total waste of packaging.

Parcel can mean envelope, box or package. They probably had to sign for it to legally prove that the ticket was received by the person it was addressed to which is why our had to be picked up.

Ok, that doesn't sound all that strange, but that still doesn't explain why they had to pick it up. Over here, they come to your door to ask the signature. If you aren't home, they leave a note and come the next day...

Well here they leave a note saying that you have to pick up the parcel the next day.

How thoughtful of the police to send you something!

Technically, they're taking away more than they're giving, lol.

Depending on how eager you were to get that parcel, you might've started a never ending loop.

Thats why you hope for the best but assume the worst. fyl

It was a gift...cops just are bad gift givers :)

You got a speeding ticket in a box? How fast were you going???

I thought it was a box, since you only have to go to the post office to get boxes, but it turned out to be a letter. I don't know why but it had to be handed to me directly and not left in my mailbox.

Yes, I posted the FML but I did'nt have an account at the time.

I hate methods of citation that do not involve human interaction and the right to explain your actions. That is a failure of due process and unconstitutional.

It is also incorrect. Even in the US, you have a legal period during which you can appear in court to appeal your ticket. So, there is really no excuse...

It's because it's a radar-camera that caught me. I received the report with the pictures and all. I still had the option to plead non guilty but I had no chance since all the proofs were caught on camera and radar.

I'm not sure if I'd be excited if I received notice for a mystery package. I think they made it available at the post office because you have to show ID to receive it which is kind of their way of documenting you got it, as opposed to the chance it goes "missing" and you never pay. Sneaky Cops