By mmlncwdr - 14/08/2016 19:08

Today, I'm working an 8-hour shift on less than 3 hours of sleep. In order to stay awake, I chugged 3 Red Bulls. Now I can't feel my face. FML
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You deserved it 6 834

mmlncwdr tells us more.

Hey, OP here! I can't believe this got published! These comments are great, I've been laughing for the last 20 mins. So to clear things up a bit, no 8 hours on less than 3 hours of sleep is not that bad, to an adult, I am 16 and have an anxiety disorder. The pills I take make me extremely drowsy, and I also happened to have a three hour practice that same night. I went directly from work to practice so the 3 Red Bulls were necessary. I will not be doing that again in the near future seeing as I could feel my heart beating in my chest all afternoon. And before I go, I did love it?? thanks everyone for the comments!

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PBplusJ 12

But did you grow 3 pairs of wings?

Thinkitthrough 23

But... do you love it?


Well you kinda deserved it.

Thinkitthrough 23

But... do you love it?

Eyalsh 32

came here for this.

Noah98 20

Enjoy your inevitable heart attack, OP!

You would need to drink a whooooole lot of redbull to die from caffeine

PBplusJ 12

But did you grow 3 pairs of wings?

Of course not. Drinking extra red bulls doesn't give you multiple pairs of wings. Doing so will only reset the timer on the first set of wings so you can keep flying for longer ...

PBplusJ 12

Oh of course, I should've known, excuse me

Damn, here I was hoping chugging three red bulls turned you into some kind of seraphim.

They will give you a pair of wings, but not the ones you want.

When I'm with you?

But I love it....

To state the obvious... Don't do that!

Seek medical attention immediately

But I bet you can feel your heart pounding in your chest.

Going at roughly 240 beats per minute.

By that point meth is more cost effective.