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Today, I took my 16 year-old daughter to get a bank account, taking her birth certificate with us as requested. When the teller wrote her name down on a piece of paper, my daughter said "How do you know my name?" The teller just looked at her and held up her birth certificate. I raised a nitwit. FML
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MyPupRox 2

shes a keeper, dont worry, theres always clown university ;)

Am I the only one who feels sorry for the daughter? I mean , maybe she wasn't paying attention or maybe she spaced out a little. I think her mother saying ' I raised a nitwit' is a bit harsh. She's your frigging daughter woman.


MyPupRox 2

shes a keeper, dont worry, theres always clown university ;)

shes not gunna disown her either so..

alexg823 0

She might be a nitwit, but she's your nitwit.

and you are getting her a bank account?

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I always knew inbreeding would lead to trouble.

well there's always clown university...oh that's been said oh yeah uh inbreeding leads to trouble oh that's been said to....looks like everythings covered...

BelleElle_fml 5

Just do what my dad does when we ask a dumb question and stare her down with a "Are you stupid?" look. Now we always think before we speak.

she probably didnt see the birth certificet

Well I just hope she is at least hot... for her sake...

Thunderbender 2

Sounds like a brain fart. That happens to everyone.

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GuessWhatKids 13

1- Don't you mean clown collage?

150: it's college not collage you nitwit

Thunderbender 2

You're new to this whole sarcasm thing aren't you 153?

your new to this whole shove it up your ass thing aren't you 174?

Merylwen 24

She really doesn't sound like a loving mother at all. Her daughter's life sucks.

Princessx3Jamie 0

Geeze it was only a mistake lol! She didn't take time to think before she spoke, it happens to all of us.

All the frat boys are just waiting for someone like her to come along. Seriously raise her better

someone doesnt take their kids for who they are! [shame shame shame!]

Eggers 2

uh, yeah, he does. that's the part where he called her a nitwit. remember?

ohh golly gee, now i remember! what great parenting!

haha! i can tell by ur namee! we scream we shout, we are the fallen angels

nateb1tch 1

A child's intelligence and social behavior does not lie completely on the parents.

I think it's just cuz your from Queensland

is your pick gerard way or Ellen degenerous

ahem. it is the lead singer of the best band ever, therefore it is gerard way. because there are many differences between ellen and this hottie right here

..i dont understand how OP thinks their daughter is a nit wit .. maybe she just forgot about it ?

Wooooooow. You really think that? That's pretty ignorant.

raiganator 10

Hey hey, it could be true. maybe the kid was raised stupid.

7, she did say that she raised a nitwit...

MizzErikaHart 8

Actually, that's not ignorant at all. "Like father, like son", the old saying goes. Why can't we substitute the males in the saying with female? Are you being sexist now huh punk lol

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Who the **** was being sexist??

69 before I tell you you're actually being sexist and being very contradicting, congratulations on the number you got. Anyways your actually saying that they should blame the dad because it's like "Father like son." Since they are both women and by your logic them it's "Like mother like daughter." :D

randiZ25 0

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

kiakia0131 23

There is a substitution. The saying is "like mother like daughter."

Tyler1988 0

I blame the juiced up roid monkey that posted this comment

flawedgenius 6

#189 and AlexandersAngel: But that also means you are 3/4 not Dutch, and 3/4 not christian. What exactly has this got to do with the OP and current conversation thread?

i totally agree the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

honest mistake...everybody gas a blonde moment every once in a while

i totally agree! if her kids arent up to her "standards," dont go writing an FML for the world. i feel bad for the girl. FHL for having a mother who doesnt except her few (or many) blonde moments!

just because we have blonde hair doesnt mean we are dumb im a blonde A+ student

I'm a blonde and an A-A+ University student. too. I still have like a million blonde moments though.

ps any spelling and punctuation Errors are due to autocorrect. My iPod has a mind of its own.

Hmm.. maybe getting her a bank account isn't the best idea.

mrredkneck 2

agreed. cancel that shit with a quickness

dhaworth93 8

You guys are either the worst Parents or are 13. She forgot/didn't realize the teller had her name there so her OWN FATHER calls her a nitwit? Wtf?

OP's daughter is in shock that she is now a part of "the system" from here on in.


please don't let her have a credit card ever.

thepatty8474 10

awesome name dude! hate him 2 :D even tho ima girll, and biber liverz dont hate this shit cause u accaully think u have a chance wit him. you dont and never will.

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Mrrevorp 0

well you can only hope her stripping career really takes off cause she's not even getting into community college lmao

That's kinda mean to be a homophobe don't you think i mean I love gay guys my best guy friend is gay and he hangout like every day it doesn't bother me how about you except people for how they are...