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Today, I took my 16 year-old daughter to get a bank account, taking her birth certificate with us as requested. When the teller wrote her name down on a piece of paper, my daughter said "How do you know my name?" The teller just looked at her and held up her birth certificate. I raised a nitwit. FML
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By  ilovefall10  |  21

Am I the only one who feels sorry for the daughter?
I mean , maybe she wasn't paying attention or maybe she spaced out a little.

I think her mother saying ' I raised a nitwit' is a bit harsh.

She's your frigging daughter woman.

  felixshen  |  18

Actually, that's not ignorant at all. "Like father, like son", the old saying goes. Why can't we substitute the males in the saying with female? Are you being sexist now huh punk lol

  MrSassypants  |  32

69 before I tell you you're actually being sexist and being very contradicting, congratulations on the number you got. Anyways your actually saying that they should blame the dad because it's like "Father like son." Since they are both women and by your logic them it's "Like mother like daughter." :D

  flawedgenius  |  6

#189 and AlexandersAngel: But that also means you are 3/4 not Dutch, and 3/4 not christian.

What exactly has this got to do with the OP and current conversation thread?


i totally agree! if her kids arent up to her "standards," dont go writing an FML for the world. i feel bad for the girl. FHL for having a mother who doesnt except her few (or many) blonde moments!

  Sfaizi24  |  17

You guys are either the worst Parents or are 13. She forgot/didn't realize the teller had her name there so her OWN FATHER calls her a nitwit? Wtf?

  kenziekatt125  |  7

That's kinda mean to be a homophobe don't you think i mean I love gay guys my best guy friend is gay and he hangout like every day it doesn't bother me how about you except people for how they are...