By madela - 28/10/2020 07:56

Today, my daughter admitted that she sometimes forgets her own name upon waking. She’s 15. FML
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sounds like more of a medical condition than a stupidity problem

This could be a sign of something much worse in the long-run.


sounds like more of a medical condition than a stupidity problem

This could be a sign of something much worse in the long-run.

You should ask a doctor about this.

I'm pretty mentally impaired first thing in the morning myself. I should have had my first coffee before I wrote this.

I mean, if either of you are concerned consult a doctor, but I'm not sure that's a really, really uncommon thing. When I have a vivid dream where I wake up suddenly sometimes I forget where I am, and who I am. I once had a dream I was a pot-bellied middle aged Jewish man in Nazi Germany and I had a wife and kids. I woke up when someone threw a grenade in the small place we were hiding and I legit started thinking I had to check if my family was okay. I was 15 at the time. So maybe she just dreams vividly?

Considering you're more worried about her intelligence than her memory issues at 15, potentially being any kind of brain issue, I'd say if it is stupidity she got it from you. ^_^ please bring her to the fucking doctor.

OP, context is very important in this case. Was it in the sense of “I need coffee to wake up and get going” or in the sense of “I am having memory issues.” It makes a difference. And listen very carefully, sometimes people with medical problems are prone to try hiding the problem or it’s severity from the people around them. My wife had what was probably a stroke in her early 20’s. It was not well diagnosed at the time because medical science of the time thought that strokes did not happen to young people. For many years afterwards she has had periodic short memory episodes, the worst of which appear to be a temporary total loss of memory and perhaps a temporary disassociation of her sense of self. In her case these are usually very brief (maybe a few minutes) and very frightening to her at the time. The care of a good neurologist and medication has helped my wife a great deal. I share my observations about my wife because you need to consider if your daughter may need competent medical care. If it’s a medical issue, it’s not likely to get better by itself. And by the way, if your daughter has a similar issue as my wife - 15 minutes after the episode is over she may have no memory of the episode at all.