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Today, I submitted my big assignment to my teacher at 1:55pm. The deadline was 2pm. She rejected it, because her watch read a few minutes after 2pm, and she maintains that the time on her watch is the "real" time. FML
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Oh those teachers that refuse to be wrong. However why did you wait till the last minute?

Remember that next time you're late for class.


Remember that next time you're late for class.

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Wow. What a bitch :( so sorry OP! Hope you pass next time! I couldn't imagine what you're feeling right now. I would be so heartbroken. Stuff like this really breaks my heart. So sorry :(

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#22 Yeah I'm pretty sure its not all that serious there drama queen

If op is late to class, and the teachers watch is fast, wouldn't that just make op appear to be even later than she is?

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This is why you shouldn't wait til the last minute

But those things are time stamped. I really don't see any alternative besides commissioning to your teacher's superiors.

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Do you not know how time works? If her watch reads 5 minutes fast if the student arrived 5 minutes late he/she would just appear to be 10 minutes late. I'm more concerned that 115 people agreed with him..

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Procrastination is like masturbation, feels good at first, but in the end you realize you just ****** yourself... Better luck next time.

63 I think they meant she should say the same thing when she's late.

Oh those teachers that refuse to be wrong. However why did you wait till the last minute?

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Ye I got no sympathy for the OP, could have submitted it a lot earlier if it was such a major assignment.

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Not necessarily. There are several variables that could lead to a "last-possible-minute" submission. For example, there have been many times where I have had to work on a few of my practicum assignments an hour before it was due, due to difficulties getting into the schools for the school's reasoning; difficulties scheduling time to meet the cooperating teacher; and even working around the schedule of other classes (assignments and meetings). I have a friend who's a social work major. She's required to work with a semi-retired social worker. She only works on Fridays, and my friend's assignments are always due on Friday night.

pwnman 33

Wouldn't 1:59 PM be the last minute?

Some people might just want to spend a good amount of time to perfect their project/paper to get a good grade.

Although you aren't in fault in this case, sending something in 5 minutes before a deadline is always a bit tricky. If your computer fails you or Internet shuts down you're in a whole lot of trouble that you can't fix in 5 minutes. So in the future you might want to send it in a bit earlier. Now, you should probably be able to prove that you sent it in on time if it was via a computer and perhaps complain to a committee or something. Hope it works out for you OP.

I agree with this completely. A good motto that my 8th grade history teacher taught me is: early is on time, on time is late, late is inexcusable.

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I agree with both of you handing in something in just the nick of time is like passing with a 50% sure you passed but it doesn't look good so I'm sorry but YDI op.

if you sent as a attachment or email it has a timestamp on it. That could be used.

if that don't work you could get a cheep watch and set it at the same time as hers.

This is why you never wait until the last minute to do things...

I like to perfect my assignments. I start them when they're assigned and I'm still working on them the day they're due. OP may be the same way.

show her the time sent from your computer. next time don't cut it so close.

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Assholes that hate on procrastinators can go to hell. We are smart as **** and every drop of our brilliance must be expressed to the last moment given.

I'm adding this to my facebook under "favorite quotations"

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I didn't know you could sass a teacher in Singapore. Aren't you going to get caned?

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Is it just me or are you always the ninth comment

Power trip much?? Show her the time on ur phone, its kept accurate by satellite. I doubt she can say that about her watch!

I know there's not enough info for me to know WHY you sent it at 1:55, but this is why it's always best to do things earlier than five minutes before the deadline.