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Respect the fucking cape!

Oh, the irony.


Respect the fucking cape!

especially if its pink!

Fucking hipsters...

Not only that #1, there is three thing you ways have to respect about a person: • Facial Hair • Unessecary accessories • Foreheads This guy happened to have all three. Most people I know are usually missing foreheads. Respect him OP.

aisthecoolest 8

Maybe the dude was a little high up in the sky. XD

15- you know people who are missing foreheads? Strange.

Capes are the shit!

Thanks sassypants, I was actually going to note that, but then I was too panicky, as I finally got the #1 spot. Great minds think alike! :)

Sassypants, I want to be your friend.

Mr slave was bitching you out? Where you shoving it in your vaj when it fell?

Real men wear pink!

I don't think I would be taking any advice from him/her lol

You think so?

My manly instincts are telling me that you should fight to the death. But my common sense tells me to just laugh at him and walk away.

I'm gonna eat you 29

29 your name and picture are perfect ;)

You don't say?

I don't know.... Pink capes and moustaches are fuckin legit

Pink cape and facial hair? What's not to trust? The man jumped right out of a Marvel comic!

Why not? I get the feeling that he knows what he's talking about.

Oh, the irony.

Europeans man....

Oh, this comment is posted too much..

I take it back I think America is worse...

America is why you are free to bitch so stop bitching

I wonder if the irony was deliberate

Yo dawg, I heard you like irony.

Put I a wig and a tutu and bitch him out or clashing with your hair? I don't know try to laugh it off and think of how stupid he looks. I wouldn't let it bother you

This reminds me of captain underpants

aisthecoolest 8

But he was wearing pants!! I think....

tweetbaby14 18

More like lady gaga.

Lady Gaga got knocked up by Captain Underpants?

I meant to thumb that down not up. Just because something is weird does NOT mean its like lady gaga.

flip-o-rama!!!! that was the best part.

I think you dropped his girlfriend.

You should have thrown a sculpture at the weirdo

I throw many things at every person I think is weird. I am also currently sending this from an insane asylum. Okay bye bye! See yah later.

Oh, 25, you are such a joker! ;)

Oh 38, your such a waste of commenting space.

Yes, many people know me as joker......................

IM BATMAN. ARRRGGGGGG. IM BATMAN. MY PARENTS ARE DEAD. ^ ^ O-O ~~/|. € / I'm batman, bitches.

Fml didn't like the legs I used :( ^ ^ (O-O) ~~ {|} - - - € ( )

Lol he sounds like a "queen"

The guy in the cape…

It was obvious who you were talking about in the first place.. You ruined it by explaining who you were talking about..

Well i thought it was clear too.. Then I started getting hate so I said that it either was unclear, not funny or both

Not unclear. Just unfunny.

Not unclear. Just unfunny.

Usually if I think I leave comment that is unclear, instead of correcting myself, I just let it roam free and let people twist it to however they see fit.

Don't worry, he's just jealous he didn't think of it first.

Should've ripped off the moustache and told him/her to stop complaning after :]