By Gustav Fjorder - 04/07/2011 07:27 - Switzerland

Today, for breakfast, there were scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bacon, sausages, fresh bread, croissants, brownies, donuts, fruit smoothie, coffee, tea and orange juice. Too bad no one bothered wake me up. FML
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Damn.. makes me hungry just reading that.


first comment, rawrr, thats what you get for being a sleepy head

nobody wakes up the fat kid when such an amazing breakfast is served. set your alarm clock next time flubberbuns.

#17 u assume op is fat because he wants to eat a nice breakfast???? that's messed up. u cant tell me u have never had bacon and eggs for breakfast! maybe op is at a hotel where it's either that or a very small selection of cereal. I know which I would prefer. especially on vacation!

32- Shut up. It was a joke. Go bitch at your cat if you're really this tightly wound.

if it was at a hotel then it'd be open longer. and yes I assumed that. becuase fat people like food, but also becuase the thought of a fat person writing an fml about missing breakfast is quite entertaining to me

and I love bacon. bacon is scrumptialicious. and so is bacondave

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34 your a douchebag 35 your a dumbass so GTFO.. everyone likes a good breakfast and you go assuming stupid stuff..

yeah. I'm skinny as **** but love to eat and would also be pissed off if this happened to me. thankfully my family wakes me up to help cook when they do breakfast like that.

My anus is actually quite intelligent I'll have you know 40. looks like it's time for your tampax pearl

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all of that delicious food makes my username look bad.

OP - That sucks; all that sounds delicious. :| There were no leftovers? FML commenters - Come on, take a joke. You're gonna have to learn to deal with trolls if you're gonna use FML.

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32 and 40, don't tell me you guys don't think of someone as fat when they have that much food, even if they're not take a ******* joke unless you two are heartless idiot trying to ruin everyones day

fat guy who likes food. funny. skinny guy who likes food. thumbs down.

Next time u want to set a girl as ur fml pic make sure it doesnt have ur computers task bar still on the screen...creepy

#32, I have never eaten bacon and eggs for breakfast. I hate bacon, as well as eggs.

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50- are you just friggin' retarded? Learn to use your words correctly. -How do I reach these kids?-

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I don't think you can #68!

78=southpark reference, when cartmen teaches some mexicans.

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They knew you would eat it all.

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Karl Marx is a fatass. how's that for subtle

Karl Marx is a brilliant man. he can be as fat as he wants.

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Lol! That's something I would do to my bother!

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It was a spelling fail. Yours is the grammar fail. Think before you post.

You'd cook an array of different foods, then not wake up your brother? That's a tad too much work...

8- wake me up when i care about what you just said.. which means dont ever wake me up thx

8 is staging as Eminem's wife. Sorry your name is not Kim, Jillian.

Damn.. makes me hungry just reading that.

I guess OP was left eating a breakfast for chumpions.

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same... -_- especially because for breakfast I had water...

Wait outside with the dog, if you're lucky you might be able to salvage some of the scraps.

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Or the dog would rip said person to shreds trying to get the food first!

you know, there's this cool new thing called an alarm... you should try one some day

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he didn't know there was gunna be breakfast and we wouldn't wake up early regularly "just in case" I'm sure u dont do that.