By Anonymous - 14/03/2011 00:20 - United States

Today, eating my weight in breadsticks at Olive Garden and trying to relive my childhood via a pogo stick was not a good combination. My new shoes are now a different color. FML
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Ooh, pogo sticks! Definitely worth it. But YDI for eating that much. Try to control yourself next time.

Yes I see. Another victim of Pogo dieting. Less dangerous than Yo-yo dieting but more messy.


kenshinjapan 2


I'm sorry OP but my sympathy meter seems to be on E.

Agreed. Who the fuck goes to Olive Garden under the age of 70?

who the hell gets sick from a pogo stick?


Ooh, pogo sticks! Definitely worth it. But YDI for eating that much. Try to control yourself next time.

pogo sticks are awesome :D

not as awesome as DISCO sticks.

SwaggerMelon 6

58 Win ^

How can u not over eat at Olive Garden? Breadsticks are free goddammit!

kingtz 6

Yeah, ydi for pigging out.

JacindasaurXD 0

I've never road a pogo stick:( consider yourself lucky hehe

kingtz 6


Not only did you spell 'rode' wrong, you were saying it in the wrong tense... "I've never RIDDEN..." Jeeeeez!

cptmorgan15 2

I don't know about you people, but i don't ride pogo sticks either. I have used one though.

theian01 3

You can ride MY pogo stuck ;-D *gets shot*

theian01 3

Umm. stick. stupid phone.

QueenOfBoredom 0

i snickered at this ^_^

Epic_Phale615 0

I love snickers!

epic fail, yeah that happens alot

oooKiLLaHooo 0

I love this's soo dumb..33 is right unless #5 is dead..

oooKiLLaHooo 0

then it's still

Awesome combination.

clashatdemonhead 3

wow you're stupid. hopefully you never get pregnant, a repeat of this and you'd give yourself an abortion

Why would you assume she'd use a pogo stick while pregnant?

you look like a girl I knew named mardy or marty or something

clashatdemonhead 3

just a guess haha

odd combination

I case you don't get it, she/he threw up

THAT'S why her shoes are two different colours?! Oooh, I totally get it now, thank you so much!

john7h567hgrd 0

Ooooh!! I didn't understand this AT ALL...

ImRickJamesBish 0

#10 thank you because I certainly did not get it!

cptmorgan15 2

Haha PHEW! Thank god there's someone smart enough to figure this out for us.

lol, sarcasm, sarcasm...

#48 Seriously?! :O

free2speak 14

ohh! I thought she pooped her pants! oops on my part!

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number thirteen is a faggot

I modded this and btw op your a fool

That's what she said^^^ Ha!